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Kelley Armstrong

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Kelley Armstrong (born 1968) [ Bio for school projects] ] is a Canadian author, primarily of fantasy works.

She has published ten fantasy novels to date, all set in the world of "Women of the Otherworld" series, and one crime fiction novel. Armstrong has confirmed contracts with her American, British and Canadian publishers for novels seven through ten in this series. The seventh novel in this series was published April 1, 2007. She has also written several serial novellas and short stories for the Otherworld series, which are available free from her website.

Armstrong's first crime novel was released in July 2007.


Kelley Armstrong is married with three children; the family lives in rural Ontario. [ Author bio] ] She was born in 1968, the oldest of four siblings in a "typical middle class family" in Ontario. After graduating with a degree in psychology, Armstrong then switched to studying computer programming at Fanshawe College so she would have time to write. Her first novel "Bitten" was sold in 1999, and it was released in 2001. Following her first success she has written a total of ten novels and a number of novellas in the world of the "Women of the Otherworld" series, and her first crime novel, "Exit Strategy", was released July 2007. Armstrong has been a full-time writer and parent since 2002.

Her novel "No Humans Involved" was a "New York Times" bestseller in the hardback fiction category on May 20, 2007.

Description of Work

Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series is part of a recently popular contemporary fantasy subgenre of the fantasy genre that superimposes supernatural characters upon a backdrop of contemporary North American life, with strong romantic elements. Within that subgenre, she is notable for including many types of supernatural characters, including witches, sorcerers, werewolves, ghosts, shamans, demons and vampires, rather than limiting herself primarily to a single type of supernatural creature. Most of her works have a mystery genre plot, with leading characters investigating some novel situation or unsolved question.

In "Otherworld" novels to date, most supernatural powers are either hereditary, or arise from the act of an existing supernatural of the same type. The "Otherworld", while it has overarching conflicts and plotlines that span multiple novels is, thus far, not an epic battle between good and evil. The novels are largely episodic with the continuing plotlines primarily involving the developing lives of the main characters.


The "Women of the Otherworld" series

The novels

# "Bitten" (2001)
# "Stolen" (2002)
# "Dime Store Magic" (2004)
# "Industrial Magic" (2004)
# "Haunted" (2005)
# "Broken" (2006)
# "No Humans Involved" (2007)
# "Personal Demon" (2008)
# "Living with the Dead" (2008)

* "Witch Magic (SFBC Omnibus Edition)", released in 2004 in the UK, was a republication of "Dime Store Magic" and "Industrial Magic" in one volume.

The complete series, including online works

:"Note: the bold titles denote works which have been published in print. Also note that this list is in within-series chronological order."
* " [ Rebirth] ," narrator Aaron (short story, released 2005)
* " [ Infusion] ," narrator Malcolm Danvers (short story, released 2005)
* " [ Savage] ," narrator Clayton Danvers (novella, released 2003)
* " [ Ascension] ," narrator Clayton Danvers (novella, released 2003)
* " [ Demonology] ," narrator Talia Lyndsay (short story, released 2005)
* " [ Birthright] ," narrator Logan Jonsen (short story, released 2005)
* " [ Beginnings] ," narrators Clayton Danvers and Elena Michaels (novella, released 2004)
* " [ Becoming] ," graphic novella (novella, 2007—being updated monthly)
* " [ The Case of the Half-Demon Spy] ," (short story, released 2005)
* " [ Expectations] ," (short story, released 2005)
* " [ Truth and Consequences] ," narrator Elena Michaels (short story, first published February 1996 in "Lost Worlds" magazine and later re-released online)
* " [ Territorial] ," narrator Karl Marsten (short story, released 2005)
* "Bitten", narrator Elena Michaels (novel, published 2001)
* " [ Ghosts] ," narrator Jeremy Danvers (short story, released 2005)
* " [ Escape] ," narrator Eve Levine (short story, released 2005)
* "Stolen", narrator Elena Michaels (novel, published 2002)
* "Dime Store Magic", narrator Paige Winterbourne (novel, published 2004)
* "Industrial Magic", narrator Paige Winterbourne (novel, published 2004)
* " [ Wedding Bell Hell] ," narrator Paige Winterbourne (short story, released 2005)
* "Haunted", narrator Eve Levine (novel, published 2005)
* " [ Adventurer] ," narrator Kenneth Okalik (short story, published 2005)
* "Chaotic", narrator Hope Adams (novella, published 2006 in "Dates from Hell" anthology)
* " [ The Case of El Chupacabra] ," narrator Lucas Cortez (novella, released 2006)
* " [ Bargain] ," narrator Xavier (short story, released 2005)
* "Broken", narrator Elena Michaels (novel, released 2006)
* "No Humans Involved", narrator Jaime Vegas (novel, released 2007)
* " [ Framed] ," narrator Nick Sorrentino (projected to be the last annual novella [ [ Information on Online Fiction] ] ) (novella, released 2007)
* "Twilight", narrator Cassandra (novella, published 2007 in "Many Bloody Returns" anthology)
* "Stalked", narrator Clayton Danvers (novella, published 2008 in "My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon" anthology)
* "Personal Demon", narrator Hope Adams and Lucas Cortez (novel, released 2008)
* "Living With The Dead", narrator Robyn Peltier (novel, released 2008)

The Nadia Stafford Series

* "Exit Strategy" (released 1 July 2007) [ Author's book summary for "Exit Strategy"] ]

Short stories in anthologies

* "Plan B" (in the collection "Like a Charm")
* "Death Dealer" (in the collection "Dying for It")
* "Chaotic" (in the collection "Dates from Hell")
* "Twilight" (in the collection "Many Bloody Returns")
* "Stalked" (in the collection "My Big Far Supernatural Honeymoon")

"The Darkest Powers" Series

* "The Summoning" (released 1 July 2008). First novel in a planned trilogy set in the same world as "Women of the Otherworld" featuring Chloe Saunders, who can see the dead and is put in a mental home. [ . [ Darkest Powers Trilogy] ]


External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Bibliography] on SciFan
* [ KA Otherworld Role-playing Site]
* [ Kelley Armstrong at]
* [ Armstrong's online fiction center]


* [ Interview at Flames Rising] (November 2005)
* [ Orbit meets... Kelley Armstrong] (2005)
* [ Online interview from CBC Words at Large] (May 2007)

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