Liger (disambiguation)

Liger (disambiguation)

Liger may refer to several different things:

*Liger is a crossbreed between lion and tiger
*Liger is a genus of spiders in the Linyphiidae family

*Liger (band) is an indie-art-pop-duo from Austria

*Liger is the classical name of the Loire River, in modern-day France

*Jushin Liger, a Japanese wrestler
**, a movie about and starring the wrestler

*Several mecha in the "Zoids" fictional universe are referred to as Ligers or Liger-type. These include
**Shield Liger
**King Liger
**Blade Liger
**Liger Zero
**Energy Liger
**Murasame Liger
*The land-based Getter Robo combination of "Getter Robo G" is named Getter Liger, though the robot bears no resemblance to the animal itself.
*"Jushin Liger", an anime series

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