Entrainment (engineering)

Entrainment (engineering)

:"See entrainment for other types."

Entrainment as commonly used in various branches of engineering may be defined as the entrapment of one substance by another substance. [cite book|author=Perry, R.H. and Green, D.W. (Editors)|title=Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook|edition=Sixth Edition|publisher=McGraw-Hill|year=1984|id=ISBN 0-07-049479-7] For example:

* The entrapment of liquid droplets or solid particulates in a flowing gas, as with smoke.
* The entrapment of gas bubbles or solid particulates in a flowing liquid, as with aeration.
* Given two mutually insoluble liquids, the emulsion of droplets of one liquid into the other liquid, as with margarine.
* Given two gases, the entrapment of one gas into the other gas.
* "Air entrainment" - The intentional entrapment of air bubbles into concrete.

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* Souders-Brown equation


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