Flying circus (disambiguation)

Flying circus (disambiguation)

Flying Circus may mean:

*The Jagdgeschwader 1, a German World War I fighter wing commanded by Manfred von Richthofen (aka the Red Baron) at one point
*The American World War II air corps led by Joe Foss
*The Flying Circus, an Australian country rock/pop band (1968-74), who later re-located to Canada.
*The Flying Circus, a short lived (1967-1968) Canadian folk rock band (formerly known as The Mynah Birds)
*Bangor Flying Circus, a USA progressive rock band (1969)

See also:
*Barnstorming, early airshow whose multi-plane form was the flying circus
*"Monty Python's Flying Circus", television comedy
*The Flying Circus of Physics, a book by Jearl Walker

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