Neros Empire

Neros Empire

The nihongo|Neros Empire|ネロス帝国|Nerosu Teikoku is a secret empire from the fictional television series Choujinki Metalder (part of Toei Company's Metal Heroes franchise). Their theme song was performed by backing vocal group Koorogi '73.


It is the underbelly of the Kirihara Konzern Corporation located at Shinjuku, it covertly controls all activities of the world's criminal organizations, terrorists, finances, etc. The Neros Empire's goal is world domination, with economic and military might. They all meet at the Ghost Bank, a ring of gates containing key army officers surrounding Godneros' throne. The area enclosed by the gates and throne served as an arena and as a strategy room and housed other activities such as feasts and ballroom dancing.


* Emperor Godneros: The leader of the Neros Empire, formerly Technical Major Muraki, assistant to Dr. Koga in developing the Super Machine project. Testing on prisoners of war led to Muraki's arrest and supposed execution, but he managed to escape to America where he joined several criminal syndicates, eventually killing their leaders off and making off with their riches. In addition, he underwent plastic surgery to alter his look entirely, making himself appear much more youthful than he really is. From then on, he built the Kirihara Konzern under the name Gozou Kirihara. As far as the public knows, Gozou is a philanthropist at the head of an international financial empire. When entering the Ghostbank, Kirihara undergoes a grotesque transformation revealing his true cyborg form as Godneros and is transported to his throne where his army chants "Neros". He had Coolgin switch places with him, faking his death and managed to kill Topgunder. In battle, Godneros could throw a sword like a spear, sprout tentacles from his throne to electrocute and bind opponents, blast lasers from the sphere on his helmet, and create/blast electrical energy from his hands. Godneros was beheaded at the end of the series by Metalder with the Lightning Chop attack.

* Secretaries K and S(1-37): Gozou's spies. They are as ruthless and cruel as their boss. S dresses in a black leotard and wears her hair tied behind her head. K has green leotards and lets her hair drape to her right side of her head. Both died in the collapse of the GhostBank, denied their attempt to escape by Coolgin in the guise of GodNeros.

* Light Fighters (1-11, 15, 18, 23, 31, 33): Generic fighters in black tights. They work for all four armies. Each has their own unique personality, one Light Fighter even wears/wore blue tights instead of the traditional black.

* "Red Armored Warrior" (32): A villain seen in Hayato's grandfather's flashback in Episode 32. Long ago, this warrior had ingested the same rare and cursed plant that was the center of attention in Episode 32. After eating it, he became insanely powerful and killed Hayato's parents in the process. He died when he touched water, after eating the plant, which weakened him to the point of drowning. Ryusei/Metalder was certain that this warrior was a member of Neros. This warrior was later shown again, possibly in Coolgin's memory, giving to him one of those flowers before he died. Due to his alliance with Coolgin, and his appearance, he may fit into the category of Armor Army, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Godneros' Armies

Here are the armies of the Neros Empire:

Armor Army

Consists of cyborgs and humans wearing armor. In the final episode, the helmets of every member, with the exception of Ben K, were revived to prevent Metalder from reaching Godneros:

* Victorious Saint Coolgin(1-37, 39, Movie): He is a first-class strategist, swordsman, the leader of the Armor Army and Godneros' second-in-command. In the first episode, he defeated Metalder instantly with one sword attack during their first confrontation. Coolgin had another brief rematch with Metalder in the Ghostbank in Episode 19, but Metalder escaped before they could finish. In Episode 26, he gained yet another chance to fight Metalder one-on-one, but lost. Underneath his mask, he looks exactly like Kirihara; the purpose is so that he can be Godneros' shadow to create confusion. When the Ghostbank self-destructed in Episode 37, Metalder believed he had defeated Godneros, but Coolgin and GodNeros had switched places shortly before the battle. Coolgin attempted to kill Metalder and Topgunder by self destructing the Ghost Bank, but this plan backfired as Coolgin found himself bound to the throne by electrical tentacles. Unable to escape, Coolgin accepted his fate and perished in the explosion. Coolgin reappeared as a ghost in the final episode. When Metalder stabbed his fiery life force, he vanished forever.

* Brave Generals Tagsky and Tagsron (7, 10, 23, Movie, 25-26): The Tag Brothers; Tagsky wears the red and yellow armor and is an expert with the sword while Tagsron wears the green and black armor and a master of the naginata. Both brothers fought Metalder together and separately. They first appeared in battle in Episode 7 where they took on Metalder together. They demonstrated to the Emperor their combined attack on a repair robot outside the Ghostbank, destroying it in the process. They were defeated when Metalder tricked them into stabbing each other, causing them to retreat. In Episode 10, they appeared again. This time they fought Rhapsody in the Ghost Bank and were non-fatally defeated when he broke both of their weapons. These two were seen in Episode 23, during the Four Army relay race. Tagsron fought Metalder with the Shadow Light Fighters, in Episode 25, and was defeated by Metalder's Metal Tornado Move. Tagsky learned of his brother's defeat and weeped, only to become angry later, seeking vengeance against Metalder. Alas it would not happen, as he was defeated after landing on a landmine in Episode 26. Two warriors were shown wearing their armor in the background of the Ghost Bank during Episode 27. These warriors were either different than the ones seen before or perhaps this episode aired out of order/before 25 and 26. Although Tagsky was killed earlier, his armor was given to Mai's brainwashed father to wear in Episode 36. Tagsky's armor was scrapped afterwards. During the final episode, it seems Tagsky and Tagsron were resurrected as mere heads. They struck Metalder and crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder again as a result.

* Violent Spirit Tubo (1, 3-4, 19, 33, 35, 37): Samurai-like master of the katana and the hook. He led Fuu Fuu Chu, Mukimukiman, Wogger, Gebaros, and Zakembor into killing Dr. Koga and fought Metalder in his first battle. He fought Metalder for a second time in Episode 19, only to be defeated by his Metal Tornado move. He was restored soon afterwards, only to finally be destroyed by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack in Episode 37, standing as the final guardian of GodNeros. Tubo's resurrected head was seen during the final episode. Tubo's head crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder as a result.

* Violent Spirit Hidouman (13): Master of the tachi and the spiked ball. He battles with both of these weapons on a single chain. While he was engaged in a secret meeting in an active mineshaft, one of the miners accidentally witnessed the event. Hidouman was assigned to silence the miner, so he took the miner's family hostage, which also lured Metalder into a battle. In battle, Metalder confused him through duplication techniques inspired by a previous fight with Galador, and then struck his hand to separate him from his weapon. Metalder then destroyed him with his Lightning Chop attack, which also split him in half. Hidouman's resurrected head was seen during the final episode. Hidouman's head crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder as a result.

* Heroic Fighter Wogger (1, 14 ,27, 37): Wogger is a master of the spear and his entire body looks like a collection of grey tubes. He accompanied Tubo in his attack on Dr. Koga, which also led to his first battle with Metalder. He later gained his chance in Episode 14 to battle with Metalder again, though this time it was alongside Madonna. He was the first to admit being impressed by Madonna's battle skills and the first to inform her about her promotion. In battle, he could discharge electrical energy from the tip of his spear, as well as manipulate enough wind to generate a sandstorm. He imprisoned Metalder in a deep ditch by using this sandstorm attack, and tried to bury him alive, with the help of some projecting and imprisoning bars. After escaping from the trap, Metalder used one of the bars as a weapon and caused Wogger to lose his footing. In a classic feint, he called out to Metalder for assistance. When Metalder approached him, Wogger unleashed more aggressive attacks, until Metalder realized he was a lost cause and used his Lightning Chop attack to slice Wogger in half. In Episode 27, Wogger II was introduced. He was summoned to lead the hunt for a triad of biological experiments called Gorigons which had escaped from the GhostBank. He was defeated by Metalder during the hunt, when Metalder used his Metal Tornado Move on him. He was restored and made his final appearance, in battle, in Episode 37 while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and TopGunder. He was destroyed for good by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack. Wogger's resurrected head was seen during the final episode. Wogger's head crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder as a result.

* Heroic Fighter Barlock (8): An athlete dressed in blue-green tights and a silver mask resembling a Greek warrior. His entire outfit fits the theme of a scuba diver. He wield a scythe and chain in his right hand and a clawed gauntlet on his left hand. Barlock was a former decathlon athlete who sabotaged his rival's chance to enter the Olympics. After his rival committed suicide, he felt shame at his cowardice and sought out challengers to prove himself. In Episode 8, he battled with Hedogross in the Ghost Bank for the chance to fight Metalder, but lost. He later appeared and snagged Hedogross' hostage to use as bait to draw Metalder into battle. He was defeated, but not destroyed in battle by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack. Having been redeemed by fighting honorably, despite losing, he sacrificed himself by taking a tank blast that was meant for Metalder, and possibly the hostage, thus killing him. Barlock's resurrected head was seen during the final episode. Barlock's head crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder as a result.

* Explosive Fighter Galador (8, 12, 15, 23-24, Movie, 33, 37): Ninja master of magic, filled with dirty tricks including explosive cards, shurikens, and self-duplication. He also seemed to be able to send Metalder into another dimension and throw/summon fire. In Episode 12, he gained his first chance to battle with Metalder one-on-one, bringing with him the Shadow Light Fighters to help him in the fight. He also attacked Wisdom in that episode when she failed to defeat Metalder in battle. In Episode 15, he was assigned by Coolgin to capture Wisdom. He appears in Episode 23, during the Four Army relay race. In Episode 24, he used all of his magical talents to fight Metalder, until he was defeated by Metalder's Lighting Chop attack. Restored to full function, as he was seen in Episode 33, but was defeated by TopGunder during an interrupted training exercise. He was seen in Episode 37, where he made his final appearance, after being restored, while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and TopGunder. He was destroyed for good by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack. Galador's resurrected head was seen during the final episode. Galador's head crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder as a result.

* Explosive Fighter Robinken (14, 19, 23, Movie): Camouflage-garbed commando. He appears in episode 14, falsely attacking Madonna so that Metalder would come to her rescue and fall into a trap. He then appeared in Episode 14 performing a sneak attack against Metalder. He appears in Episode 19, alongside Tubo, Jamune, and various members of the Armament Army. Robinken had the rare mentality of not caring about rank in the Empire. During the Four Army relay race in Episode 23, he captures a camera-toting youth wandering in the area reserved for the race. Robinken leads Metalder along a circuitous path to the Four Army finish line. When Metalder escapes with the hostage, he gives chase, coaxing Metalder into a trap-laden course of his own design. The traps ultimately failed and Robinken was destroyed by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack. Robinken's resurrected head was seen during the final episode. Robinken's head crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder as a result.

* Furious Fighter BenK (3, 13): A warrior with a large hammer who was named after the legendary Benkei. BenK won the honor to hunt down Metalder after winning a match in the Ghostbank against Gebaros. He secretly attacked Ryusei by throwing a hatchet at his leg. With an injured leg, Ryusei quickly left Mai behind and retreated into the woods. BenK had the advantage with his mighty hammer, but Metalder managed to store just enough power to destroy BenK's helmet. However, despite Metalder's wish to kill him, he spared BenK's life upon realizing he was a human. After that, BenK left the Empire. He returned in Episode 13 helping Metalder save Hidouman's captives, the miner and his family, from the Empire. He was killed by the Shadow Light Fighters, whom he also simultaneously defeated. Like the legend, BenK died standing with arrows in his body.

* Furious Fighter Jamune (8, 14, 19, 21, Movie, 33, 37): Boxer with expensive upper body padding. In battle, he could launch his boxing glove-shaped fists at his opponents. In Episode 8, he acted as a lackey to Barlock, helping him retrieve the scientist hostage that the Neros had taken. He appears in episode 14, falsely attacking Madonna so that Metalder would come to her rescue and fall into a trap, as well as sneak attacking Metalder later. He also appears alongside Tubo in Episode 19. In Episode 21, he gained a chance to battle Metalder one-on-one. Metalder defeated him by discovering his weakspot in his legs and knees. Metalder defeated Jamune with Metal Tornado move, which tossed/knocked Jamune into a lake and out of the battle. He was restored to full function in Episode 33, but was defeated by TopGunder during an interrupted training exercise. In Episode 37, he was restored again and made his final appearance while searching the Kirihara building for Metalder and TopGunder. He was destroyed for good by a fatal shot from TopGunder. Jamune's resurrected head was seen during the final episode. Jamune's head crashed into a wall, exploded, and damaged Metalder as a result.

* Medium Fighters Fu Fu Chu and Mukimukiman (1-8): Half-naked, comical wrestling rejects. MukiMukiMan has a muscular build and was dressed in white battle gear with white hair; Fu Fu Chu was obese and wore a large black helmet and a red vest. In the first episode, they fought Metalder during his first battle and were pummeled and tossed aside in the process. During Episode 8, they were seen arm-wrestling and clashing with Hedogross. For some reason, they have not been seen since Episode 8.

* Light Fighter Madonna (14): The only female Light Fighter. Aside from being special as the only female Light Fighter, she's also special for working specifically and only in Coolgin's army. Originally seen as a slave, ala Wisdom, she proved to be quite the strong and brave fighter when she protected a fellow slave (who was unable to continue working) from Wogger's attacks and strikes. Coolgin, having watched the altercation happen, seemed impressed by her combat skills, which led to her being promoted to Light Fighter status. Before becoming a slave, she was a tennis player who was "recruited" by The Secretaries to forceably work as a slave by rebuilding damaged robots for the Empire. She also had a sister, which whom Metalder rescued and took to a hospital, after the girl appeared to him in an injured manner. Once promoted, Wogger gave her a flat-bladed sword with which to battle, as well as the new name/title of Madonna and freedom from her slave rank. Also ala Wisdom, she faked being a damsel in distress on the beach, only to turn on and attack Metalder after he tried to help her. Metalder recognized her from her sister's picture and tried to talk some sense into her by telling her that her sister was still alive, which also caused her to leave the battle. She returned to Wogger after her battle with Metalder and Wogger implanted a device into her armor to help her in her next battle with him. In reality, unknown by her, it was a detonation device. She was then used a decoy, faking a needed rescue, only to be saved by Metalder and lure him into a trap. Once he discovered it was a trap, Metalder used his Lightning Chop attack to destroy her weapon and with Springer's help, learned of the bomb in her armor and chucked it out of her before it could do any harm to either of them. Upon learning that she was used, and Metalder was right all along, she attacked Wogger long enough for Metalder to escape his trap. Afterwards, she left the Empire and with Metalder's help was reunited with her sister in the hospital.

* Shadow Light Fighters (12-14, 24-27, 32): Generic fighters who are trained in ninjutsu. They work only for members of Coolgin's Armor Army.

Combat Robot Army

Consists of androids that make up the Neros Army:

* Victorious Saint Balsky (1-38, Movie): Leader of the Combat Robot Army. Silver robot with a golden gear on his forehead, that fire beams in battle, and yellow and black stripes on chest and forearm armor. He can also blast energy from his eyeslots in battle, as well as blast missiles from his knuckles when he makes a fist in battle. He is proud of his army and is not moved away from it for a moment. Fights for his fellow robots and praises them at every turn. In Episode 11, he led his fellow androids and the Armament Army in an effort to capture Bigwayne when he escaped. In Episode 36, he fought with Metalder and lost, though managed to survive, even after Metalder knocked him into the water. In Episode 38, he returned and gained the ability to assume the forms and use the abilities of his troops, via Lortail's help, which came in handy during his final battle with Metalder. Balsky was shown to transform into Gochak, Jaws, Bigwayne, Crosslander, and Galdos, during his battle. But despite being defeated, by Metalder's Lightning Chop and kick attacks, Balsky seemed impressed by Metalder and made peace with him before he exploded.

* Brave General Galdos (6, 11, 15-16, 23, 25, 30): Boxer with grey, floor mat-like plating on his head, shoulders, and thighs. Galdos could discharge electricity through tentacles that could sprout from his forehead. In episode 6, during his battle with Metalder, he was destroyed by Metalder. He was rebuilt again, as he was seen in Episode 15, when he appeared and led the initial attack on Metalder until Hedogross Jr. showed up. He appeared in Episode 23, during the Four Army Relay Race. In Episode 30, he led the initial scheme. During this battle, Galdos revealed her could launch/detonate warheads from a special glove, blast electricity from the slot on his forehead, and blast energy from a clawed/rod-like device he could conceal in his chest. He was also destroyed in battle, during the same episode, by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack.

* (Former) Brave General Bigwayne (11): Dressed in black with grey armor plates. Originally nicknamed the 'Titan of Legend.' He retired and these days is an unranked repair robot. He presumably retired because he became bored with job, never once losing any mission in which he was involved. He mutinied and escaped from the Empire, and fought Metalder, partially to aid his beloved disciple Gochak. In battle, he fires arrows from his right forearm and seems to have super strength. In battle, he also seemed to have a revolver that fired rounds, when he opened the plating on his chest, and could sprout/launch spikes from the plating on his arms. He survived Metalder's Lightning Chop attack, but eventually seemed to wear himself out as the battle progressed. He fell over from exhaustion and exploded.
* (Former) Explosive Fighter/(Current) Violent Spirit Crosslander (16-17, 19, 23, 30, 33): A VIP assassin dressed in red spandex with white armor and fancied himself as one of best, his ideals on morality very different from Topgunder's, who he succeeded in the army. A master marksman who wields twin pistols, he worked with American terrorist organizations, killing government officials and receiving a promotion from Explosive Fighter to Violent Spirit before coming to Japan to kill Metalder and deal with Topgunder. He also obtained a handgun specially made for battling against Metalder. Crosslander lost on his first encounter with Topgunder; but after their second encounter, he successfully defeated and damaged the traitor. He originally wore a winged snake ornament on his forehead, but Metalder damaged it during their first encounter. His second, upgraded head was also damaged, this time by Topgunder, even though it was equipped with a secret blaster, that Topgunder also damaged. In Episode 23, he hid in the tall grass near the finish line of the Four Army relay race and shot Strobe down each time he tried to become airborne. He fought with Topgunder and Metalder again and was destroyed by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack in Episode 33.

* Heroic Fighter Jaws (11, 15, 19, 22, Movie, 33, 36): Shark-headed fighter in white tights with twin shoulder cannons and four cannons on his upper arms. In Episode 11, he ratted out Gochak when the robot helped Bigwayne escape. In Episode 15, he fought with Metalder as part of the Empire's initial assault that day. He also attacked Metalder briefly in the Ghostbank in Episode 19. In Episode 22, he gained his chance to battle with Metalder and led the attack for the day. He was accompanied by Goblit, Dedemos, and Gebaros. He was defeated by Metalder's Metal Tornado move in the ensuing fight. Though he was restored to full function and appeared in Episode 33. He was defeated, in Episode 33, by TopGunder during an interrupted training exercise. He was presumably rebuilt/restored soon afterwards, as he appears in the background of Episode 36. He was destroyed for good by a blast from Topgunder in Episode 36.

* Explosive Fighter Gochak (2-3, 11, 15-16, 19, 23, Movie, 36): A silver wrestler called to defeat Metalder, after Barbery failed to do so, in Episode 2. His signature move was putting his opponents in headlocks and twisting their heads off, which he demonstrated to the Emperor, in the Ghostbank, on Damnen. Metalder was losing in battle against him, but managed to gather his last bit of power to crack Gochak's face. Metalder snapped off Gochak's arms and tore off his head. After being beheaded, Gochak sprouted a cannon head. Metalder defeated/destroyed Gochak for good with a Lightning Chop, but shortly collapsed after the fight. Gochak was presumably rebuilt, as he appeared again in Episode 11. In Episode 11, he tried to help the rebellious Bigwayne escape from the Combat Robot Army and the Armament Army. Jaws ratted him out to Balsky and he was chained up by the others for his treason. He managed to escape and went to help Bigwayne, but it was too late as Bigwayne had been destroyed. He turned Bigwayne's spot of destruction into a memorial mound. In Episode 15, he was part of Galdos' group during the initial attack on Metalder. In Episode 19, he appeared to attack Metalder in the Ghostbank. Decapitated by a blast from TopGunder in Episode 36.

* Furious Fighter Gebaros (3, 11, 15, 19, 22-23, Movie, 33, 36): Silver in color. He has thick thighs, a high jumping ability, and a featureless black faceplate. He can turn his right hand and forearm into a sword blade and his left hand into pincer claws. He accompanied Tubo into killing Dr. Koga and his first fight with Metalder. He fought with BenK for the chance to fight Metalder. BenK smashed his robotic head open with his giant hammer, resulting in a destructive loss for him. This damage was presumably fixed, as he was seen again in Episode 11. In Episode 15, he was seen as part of Galdos' group during the initial attack on Metalder. He also attacked Metalder in the Ghostbank, in Episode 19. He appears again in Episode 22, alongside Jaws, Goblit, and Dedemos. In Episode 22, he was seen participating in the Four Army relay race. In Episode 36, he battled alongside Balsky, but ended up being destroyed by Metalder's Lighting Chop attack.

* Fierce Fighter Zargen (11, 15, 18, Movie): Black-robed and skull-headed fighter with a sickle blade in place of a left hand. In Episode 15, he was seen as part of Galdos' group during the initial attack on Metalder. In Episode 18, he had a dream in which Metalder attacked and brought down the GhostBank. Zargen's scheme to prevent that involved the public abduction of a scientist transporting a briefcase containing valuable information. Metalder took the bait and was allowed to retrieve the briefcase. The scientist was found to be a fake, however, and the bomb inside the case failed to destroy Metalder. Before his next battle with Metalder, Zargen asked GodNeros to implant him with an explosive device, in order to guarantee his victory against Metalder. If Metalder were to strike him directly in close combat, the bomb would destroy them both. During the battle, he lodged his armblade into Metalder's right shoulder and attempted to finish the task with an electric discharge from the spikes on his head. To Zargen's surprise, Metalder freed himself by severing his own arm in order to put some distance between them. Metalder then threw his severed arm at Zargen's torso, triggering the bomb and destroying him. He appeared in the background, in the Metalder movie.

* (Former) Fierce Fighter Rhapsody (10, 19, 31): A peaceful robot with a Stradivarius violin. However, when this robot was upgraded and played his violin, Metalder's circuits went haywire and, as a result, seemed to paralyze his suit. He was originally an unranked and friendly robot, like the repair robots, before being upgraded/promoted by the Emperor himself. He battled with Tagsky and Tagsron in the Ghost Bank and won the chance to fight Metalder, and the battle with the brothers, when he broke both of their weapons. He was struck by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack in battle, which seemed to turn him into a peaceful robot again who only wanted to play the violin. This would not last, as Darbarbo soon appeared on the scene and blasted him, which caused him to fall over and explode. His memory and musical talents would be remembered by both Metalder and the Neros Empire though. In Episode 19, it is revealed that he was rebuilt and was no longer at Fierce Fighter status. He appears when a little girl becomes accidentally lost inside the Ghostbank. He manages to protect her from the other robots and mutants by hiding her behind his cape, until Tubo discovers them together. He also plays the little girl a song for which she gives him a flower she found before they met. After helping Metalder and Topgunder rescue the girl, he left the Empire. Rhapsody has decided to stay good and was last seen working for what appears to be a carnival/boardwalk by entertaining patrons with his musical talents. He appears again in Episode 31, still working as a peaceful entertainer at again what appears to be a boardwalk carnival.

* Strong Fighter Lortail (11, 15, 19, 23, Movie, 36-38): A white-colored, female robot. She aided Balsky before his final battle with Metalder in Episodes 36 and 38. For most of the series, she remained a background character, and didn't gain her first real mission until Episode 36. In Episode 36, she was chosen to analyze and store all of the data of the fights that were fought by the robots in this army. It seemed she had deep feelings for Balsky and planned to use the uploaded information for/on him so he could defeat Metalder. She managed to successfully transfer the data/her spirit into Balsky after she took a fatal blow from Metalder's kick attack in Episode 38.

* Light Fighters Goblit and Dedemos (16-17, 19, 22-23, 30, 33, 35): Crosslander's assistants. Goblit is black and silver and armed with a bayonet while Dedemos was blue with horns and used a handgun and a drill. Goblit and Dedemos were later seen in Episode 19, when they battled Metalder in the Ghost Bank. They appeared again, alongside Jaws and Gebaros in Episode 22. In Episode 23, these two both appeared in the Four Army relay race. These two appeared in Episode 30, to help Galdos. In Episode 35, they appeared one last time in battle with Geldring, assisting him, only to be destroyed together by TopGunder.

Monster Army

Composed of genetically altered/engineered mutants. After being killed, they tend to melt into a puddle of green slime:

* Victorious Saint Geldring(1-32, 35, Movie): Leader of the Monster Army. A green muscular beast with his skull-like head incased in a clear egg-shaped dome that resembles a turtle-like mutant. Geldring's other abilities included teleportation, shooting goo out of his fingers, producing electricity(that was released from his hands), as well as breathe fire and release vine-like appendages from his mouth. He has also had the most opportunities to battle Metalder personally, but either lost or retreated. His personality is dirty, treacherous, envious, cowardly, and accommodated. He frequently criticizes the other armies and often takes credit for the good work accomplished by his fellow mutants. In Episode 9, he teased and taunted Hedogross for his love of Wisdom and soon prompted the other mutants to do the same. In Episode 15, despite Hedogross Jr. fitting into his rank, he did not want the young mutant to represent the Monster Army. In Episode 32, he learned of a rare plant which would enhance those who consumed it with great power. He put this newfound strength to use against Metalder, but did not know the effect was only temporary. He was presumably destroyed after this fight, by Metalder, when Metalder used his Lightning Chop attack on him. In this battle, Geldring revealed the ability to blast lasers from his eyes as well as breathe fire. Geldring resurfaced in Episode 35, however, to battle alongside Bankora and was finally destroyed in this match, again by Metalder's Lightning Chop attack, turning into a puddle of slime afterwards.

* Brave General Bridy (6, 15, 19, 23, Movie, 28, 32-34): White furred wolf creature who later gained a detachable spider on his back. Bridy was extremely ferocious and would use his claws and fangs to attack Metalder. Bridy also had the ability to shoot webbing to bind his victims. He was among the monsters sent to capture Topgunder. In Episode 15, he presented Wisdom as a hostage as well as led the Monster Army and the Light Fighters into fighting against Metalder and Hedogross Jr. In Episode 19, he fought Metalder and Springer in the Ghostbank. At one point during that battle, Springer bit him, once freed of imprisonment. He battled and bit Metalder in Episode 23, causing his circuitry to fry. During that same episode, he was seen participating in the Four Army relay race, which the Monster Army won through heavy cheating. In Episode 28 he revealed he could launch his claws like sharp missiles in battle as well as shapeshift into a humanoid form via the power of a special diamond. Thought to have been defeated in Episode 28, melting into a puddle of slime. He was restored and appeared in Episode 32 as well as with an arachnid parasite on his back in Episode 34. Also in Episode 34, Metalder learned of this weakness and killed the parasite during their final battle with his Lightning Chop attack. This caused Bridy to drop dead for good and dissolve into slime.

* Violent Spirit Bankora (5-6, 8, 19, 23, Movie, 29, 33, 35): A grey-skinned scorpion-like monster with white fangs on his chest and legs, and a third arm on his back. He can spew acidic saliva from his mouth and he possessed the power of teleportation. In Episode 5, he was chosen by Geldring to battle Topgunder in the Ghostbank. He lost, but managed to survive by forfeiting the match. He was one of the monsters sent to capture Topgunder. He later appeared to snag a hostage for Hedogross. He fought Metalder and Springer in the Ghostbank, only to be viciously attacked and bitten by Springer. He was seen competing in the Four Army relay race in Episode 23. During the battle in Episode 35, he fought alongside Geldring. He was eventually destroyed for good by Metalder when Metalder bound him with his own arm and then used his rarely-used kick attack to knock Bankora a distance, collapse, and explode.

* Heroic Fighter Gamadone (4, 5, 15, 17, Movie): Brown-skinned with antennae and tentacled arms that electrocute enemies. He can also produce green slime on his tongue and lug it at opponents as well as turning his right hand into a crab-like claw and breathe fire. In Episode 4, he was injured by Metalder when the hero pulled out one of his internal organs and knocked him into the water. He survived and was seen fighting Hedogross Jr. in the Ghostbank in Episode 15. In Episode 17, he kidnapped Mai to lure Metalder to him and tried to make love to her. He then battled Metalder again and was destroyed by his Lightning Chop attack. Gamadone appeared in the Metalder movie, in which he was in the background.

* Explosive Fighter Damnen (2, 5-6, 8, 15, 19, 23, Movie, 29, 32): Red-eyed lizard-like mutant. He fought with Gochak for the privilege of fighting Metalder, in Episode 2, but lost when his head was twisted backwards by Gochak. In battle with Gochak, Damnen revealed he could blast lightning-bolt like lasers from his eyes. Even though he lost the battle with Gochak, he managed to survive. He appeared again in Episode 5 with Zakembor to spy on Topgunder. Both were caught and punished by Balsky and Geldring. He was also one of the monsters hunting Topgunder. He appeared again in Episode 8 to help Hedogross fight with Metalder. Damnen was seen fighting Hedogross Jr. in the Ghostbank in Episode 15, and became badly injured from the battle. In Episode 19, he fought with Metalder in the Ghostbank. In Episode 32, he appeared alongside Geldring in the hunt for the rare plant. He was destroyed when Metalder kicked him off a cliff and he exploded after landing on the bottom of the quarry.

* Furious Fighter Zakembor (1, 5-6, 8, 15, Movie): Red-eyed cicada-like mutant. He can emit sonic waves by flapping his wings and spit a green, acid-like liquid from its' mouth. He accompanied Tubo into killing Dr. Koga and his first fight with Metalder. He and Damnen sneaked away to spy on Topgunder in Episode 5. Both were caught and punished by Balsky and Geldring for sneaking off. In Episode 8, he appeared to help Hedogross in battle with Metalder. Zakembor was also seen fighting Hedogross Jr. in the Ghostbank in Episode 15, and became badly injured in the battle. Later, he fought in battle with Metalder and Hedogross Jr. again and was destroyed by the latter. Zakembor appeared in the background of the Metalder movie.

* Light Fighter Hedogross (8-9): A green frog-like mutant who took a female slave, Wisdom, as his wife. Hedogross can dissolve into green slime and was first seen in the Ghost Bank arm wrestling with the Medium Fighters and repair robots. It was later revealed he had a son, Hedogross, Jr. In Episode 8, he fought Barlock in the Ghostbank and won the chance to fight Metalder. With the help of Bankora, he managed to snag a scientist as a hostage. Barlock managed to sneak in on him and knock him out, swiping the hostage scientist in the process. His fellow mutants, including Geldring, mocked him for his love of Wisdom. He often fantasized about being promoted in the Empire so that he could both love Wisdom and be a respected and powerful warrior. GodNeros promised him a promotion, and that his dreams would come true, if he destroyed Metalder. Sadly, he died before he could make his dreams a reality. In battle with Metalder, he managed to damage his armor. Darbarbo and Bulchek appeared, and seemed to cause interference in the battle. He was destroyed by Metalder's combined Lightning Chop and flying kick attack and fell over causing an explosion. Before he died, Hedogross spewed liquid all over himself and dissolved into slime. Though he died, he was seen again in Episodes 12 and 15 during Wisdom's daydreams.

* Hedogross Jr. (15): The son of Hedogross and Wisdom, who is simply referred to as Junior. Junior is a green, silver-haired mutant who could project three long claws on each hand, similar to Wolverine from the X-Men series. Like his father, Junior could dissolve into slime and had a human form like his mother. He first appeared in Episode 12 in Wisdom's memory/imagination as a baby. His first actual appearance, however, was in Episode 15. He was dead set on getting revenge on Metalder for the loss of his father and taking his father's place in the Empire. Junior was recruited into the Empire by Galdos and given such status by the Emperor after proving himself. He was assigned to kill Metalder by Emperor Godneros after thrashing numerous members of the Monster Army in the Ghostbank as part of his proof of loyalty and strength. However, during mid-battle with the Metal Hero, Metalder saved him from falling off of a cliff. Confused with Metalder's actions, Metalder made an effort to reason with him. After seeing his mother being held hostage, Junior finally realized Godneros was the true villain, and both fought off Bridy, Gamadone, Damnen, Zakembor, and the Light Fighters together. After the battle, he left the Empire for good with his mother.

* Wisdom (9, 12, 15): A slave who is the wife of Hedogross and the mother of Hedogross, Jr. She has both a humanoid and a mutant form. When she first appeared, in Episode 9, she gave her husband her earring to hold during his battle. When he was destroyed, she plucked the earring from his remains and vowed revenge on Metalder for destroying her beloved. In Episode 12, she battled Metalder herself in an effort to avenge her beloved Hedogross. She used her human guise to portray a damsel in distress of sorts for Metalder to rescue. Afterwards, she revealed her true form and attacked him. She fled the battle when her labor pains became too intense. Back at the lab, Metalder learned she was pregnant and was simply a slave. He saved her from Galador, who attacked her because she failed to defeat Metalder and ruined their plan. After Metalder rescued her, he returned her earring which she dropped during her clash with Metalder, and allowed her to escape to a safer place. Sometime before Episode 15, she gave birth to Hedogross Jr. When Junior attacked Metalder, she became angry and informed him that he had saved her life. She tried to steer her son away from the Empire, but it was in vain as he was recruited. Wisdom was later taken hostage by the Empire, but was saved by her son. She helped both he and Metalder fight off the Empire's forces. Both she and her son left the Neros Empire together afterwards.

* Dog-Gyaran (29): The end result of Geldring's attempt to revitalize his ranks. Originally a stray German Shepard captured by GodNeros's secretaries, it was mutated into a member of the Monster Army via a special booth-looking machine used by Geldring. During the battle with Metalder, its memories were restored by the Saint Bernard belonging to Mai and Kita, who had earlier shown it kindness. When it refused to follow orders and destroy Metalder, Geldring killed Dog-Gyaran by spraying him with some toxic foam.

* "Cat-Monster" (29): Originally a stray cat captured by Geldring, it was mutated into a member of the Monster Army via a special booth-looking machine used by Geldring. It was created as an example, so Geldring could show the Emperor the power of his/the machine. Unfortunately, this creature continued to act like a cat, despite its' newer and bigger monster form. GodNeros destroyed it soon afterwards with his own energy and ordered Geldring to find a more vicious test subject.

Armament Army

Consists of walking arsenal robots.

* Victorious Saint Dranger(1-37,movie): Leader of the Armament Army. Red and silver in color that wielded a tachi (longsword) in his right hand and a weaponized shield on his left. Has blades, guns, and lights mounted on his ears. Supervised the Armament Army in carrying out the weapons test in Episode 20. In Episode 19, he fought and blasted Metalder in the Ghostbank. Led the Armament Army ambush, when Metalder and TopGunder emerged from the ruined GhostBank in Episode 37. Stood in disbelief after seeing his entire army wiped out within moments. Challenged Metalder to battle and lost after being struck twice by the Lightning Chop attack.

* Brave General Megadron (11, 19-20, 23-24, Movie, 33, 36-37): Has a circular head flanked by twin shoulder cannons. He also has cannons for fingers. He appeared during the hunt for Bigwayne in Episode 11 as well as assisted Tubo in Episode 19. In Episode 20, after the weapons test, he formulates the plan to use the Armament Army's prototype machine against Metalder. He appears during the Four Army Relay Race in Episode 23, and again in Episode 24 by helping to blast Metalder when he fought with Galador. Destroyed alongside Bulchek in Episode 37.

* Violent Spirit Darbarbo (1, 8-11, 19-20, 23-24, Movie, 33, 36-37): Humanoid rocket silo. Has missile launchers on his chest and shoulders. In Episode 8, he was seen training with the other members of the Empire. In Episode 9, he and Bulchek interfered in Hedogross' battle by firing on him and Metalder. In Episode 10, he blasted and destroyed Rhapsody after the violin playing robot failed to destroy Metalder. He appeared again in Episode 11, during the hunt for Bigwayne and again in Episode 19 as backup to Tubo. In episode 20, acted as controller of the artillery robot and was used by Metalder to destroy it shortly thereafter. He was rebuilt and seen again soon afterwards, in Episode 23, during the Four Army Relay Race. He also appeared in Episode 24, helping even the odds during Metalder's clash with Galador. In episode 37, he was destroyed by the second volley fired by Metalder, after the Ghostbank had collapsed.

* Violent Spirit Agmis (4, 11, 19-20, 23, Movie, 36-37): Humanoid torpedo. Mobile and red and grey in color. Armed with a spear gun. In Episode 4, he self-destructed/destroyed himself in an attempt to blow up Metalder on a boat. He was presumably rebuilt, as he appeared again briefly in Episode 11, during the hunt for Bigwayne. Took over for Bulchek midway through the relay race in Episode 23, but had some difficulty, as he is better suited in water than on land. Destroyed with Darbarbo, in Metalder's second volley, after the GhostBank collapsed in Episode 37.

* Heroic Fighter Barbery (2-3, 8, 11, 16, 18-20, 23, Movie, 25, 27, 29-30, 33-34, 36-37): Humanoid helicopter. He shoots explosive missiles from his wrists. His first encounter with Metalder in Episode 2 result in a mid-air collision which damaged him considerably. Barbery was spared punishment by GodNeros and ordered to be repaired. He usually appears alongside Strobe in battle and missions. Destroyed in mid-air by TopGunder in Episode 37.

* Furious Fighter Strobe(1, 3, 8, 11, 16, 18-20, 23, Movie, 25, 27, 29-30, 33-34,36-37): Humanoid jet plane. He shoots exploding missiles from his wings and is often sent on missions/appears alongside Barbery. In Episode 23, he uses his air superiority to assist Bulchek, Agmis, and Megadron by carrying them across difficult sections of the course. Destroyed in mid-flight by TopGunder in Episode 37.

* Fierce Fighter Bulchek (8-9, 11, 19-20, 23-24, Movie, 33-34, 36-37): Humanoid tank. Has a long cannon-like nose that he can blast artillery from in battle. He appeared in Episode 8, training with his numerous fellow members of the Empire. He then appeared in Episode 9, alongside Darbarbo, and blasted Hedogross and Metalder while they were battling together. He appeared again in Episode 11 during the hunt for Bigwayne and again in Episode 19 as backup to Tubo. He discovered the boxful of abandoned puppies in Episode 20 during the weapons test cleanup and was very protective and considerate of them, even when they were designated as bait. He was revealed to be a lover of all animals. While attempting to rescue one of the puppies wandering amid the mines, Bulchek accidentally triggered one and was heavily damaged. The puppy was unharmed, and he left it in Metalder's care. The Armament Army's first choice for the Four Army relay race in Episode 23. In Episode 24, he helped Galador by blasting at Metalder during their scuffle. He was finally destroyed in Episode 37, alongside Megadron, during Metalder's first volley.

* Jisou Robotto Hou (Self-Propelled Robot Artillery) (20): An advanced military machine tested by the Armament Army during a demonstration to potential buyers. Equipped with a variety of weapons and heat sensors, it was used against Metalder as a matter of coincidence. When the Armament army realized Metalder was in the area looking for a boxful of abandoned puppies, these puppies were then designated as bait and placed in a minefield guarded by the robot. Metalder deceived the machine using a heated stone which afforded him an opening to disable it. It was finally destroyed when Metalder threw Darbarbo onto it, the impact presumably causing his shoulder-mounted artillery to detonate and explode.

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