Baji(Nepal Bhasa: बजि, _ne. चिउरा "chiura" ) is a type of beaten rice eaten in Nepal. It is one of the most widely consumed foods of Nepal. Rice is a staple of Nepal’s, and most of South Asia’s, diet. The grain is incorporated into everyday life, festivals, and rituals. Chiura is a common snack among farmers and workers in rural Nepal. The snack is essentially pounded rice. The uncooked rice is soaked and then beaten with a wooden mallet. The dish can be served with yogurt, curry, and or meat. Often chiura is paired with tea as a mid-morning snack in the fields. However, despite its humble use, chiura holds an important place in the traditional Nepalian wedding ceremony. Chiura is usually included in the brideprice, any valuables or wealth given to the bride’s family by the groom. After the initial wedding ceremony, the families escort the bride back to the groom’s house. During this procession, the pounded rice ceremony occurs. The bride and groom are seated next to one another, and the bride is given the chiura. The groom then formally asks the bride to give him the chiura. He will ask this two more times, each time using a lower form of “you”. This ceremony reiterates the fact that the woman’s social ranking has dropped far below its original status.

Baji (urdu word, younger brother or sister called Baji to his/her older sister.

Baji (film) is a film from Pakistan.


* Red (Nepal Bhasa:ह्यांगु बजि "Hyangu Baji"): These kinds are prepared by traditional hearthing technology. Instead of processing everything in the mill, the initial phases of milling is done traditionally and then paddy is taen to the mill for further processing. The result a reddish beaten rice that are crispier than the white one.
* White (Nepal Bhasa: तुयु बजि "Tuyu Baji")
* "Samaybaji" (Nepal Bhasa: समे बजि)


It is usually consumed during the daytime with lentil or other vegetables with soup. It is the main food served in Newari feasts. The red type is considered better type. Samaybaji is specially consumed in Newari Festivals. According to strict Hindu rules, baji can be freely consumed in company of any 'clean' caste, whereas eating boiled rice ("bhat") in lower-caste company is ritually polluting.

Liquified baji is also used in Chinese folk medicine as an aphrodisiac.


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