List of radio stations in Belgium

List of radio stations in Belgium

The following is a list of radio stations in Belgium.

Public stations

Public radio in Belgium is controlled by the VRT for the Dutch speaking region (Flanders and Brussels) the RTBF [] for the French speaking region (Wallonia and Brussels) and the BRF [] for the German community in Belgium.

Dutch speaking public stations by VRT

* Radio 1 - []
* Radio 2 - []
* Klara - []
* Studio Brussel []
* Radio Donna [] listen at [ Radio Belgie]
* Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal (RVI) - []

French speaking public stations by RTBF

* La Première - []
* VivaCité - []
* Classic 21 - []
* Pure FM - []
* Musiq3 - []
* RTBF International

German speaking public stations by BRF

* BRF 1 []
* BRF 2 []
* BRF-DLF []
* 100.5 Das Hitradio (Studios From BRF)

Independent stations

Dutch speaking independent stations

* Radio Centraal - []
* Radio Scorpio - []

VMMa (Vlaamse Mediamaatschappij)

* Q-Music - []
* 4FM - []

French speaking independent stations

* RTL Group []
** Bel RTL - []
** Radio Contact (French,Dutch and German) - []
** Fun Radio - []
** BXL - []
** Mint - []

* NRJ Group
** Nostalgie - []
** NRJ - [http://www.nrj.beb]

* Vibration (Brussels)
* Antipode (Brabant Wallon) - []
* Fréquence Eghezée (Eghezée, Province de Namur)
* Radio quartz (Sombreffe, Province de Namur)

Station listings from the Vlaanderen region

* [ Radio in Vlaanderen]

Station listings from the Wallonie region

* [] (Look at the Radio/Fréquences FM section)

Station listings for Belgium (all regions)

* [ Radio Belgie]
* [ FMLIST] database of FM stations (select country "BEL" after logging in or continuing as guest)
* [ FMSCAN] radio reception prediction (enter a location and start generating a stations list)

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