Kissing Cousin

Kissing Cousin

Infobox Television episode | Title = Kissing Cousin
Series = Frasier
Season = 10
Episode = 04
Airdate = 15 October 2002
Production =
Writer = Eric Zicklin
Director = Scott Ellis
Guests = Zooey Deschanel (Jen)
Bradley Whitford (Stu)
Prev = Proxy Prexy
Next = Tales from the Crypt
Episode list = List of Frasier episodes (Season 10)

"Kissing Cousin" is the fourth episode in season 10 of American sitcom "Frasier".

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

*Kelsey GrammerDr. Frasier Crane
*David Hyde PierceDr. Niles Crane
*John MahoneyMartin Crane
*Jane LeevesDaphne Moon
*Peri GilpinRoz Doyle

Recurring cast

*Tom McGowan – Kenny Daly

Plot outline

Roz receives a visit from her vicenarian cousin, Jen, who typifies her age group (according to Niles) on account of her endless cynicism about everything. She also parties very hard, and since she has always looked up to Roz as the only exciting person in her home town, Roz feels obliged to maintain this image by joining her cousin at clubs until the small hours. However, Roz is not as young as she used to be, and the lack of sleep starts to take its toll. Frasier finds Jen's opinionated attitude intolerable, especially when she expresses her negative views on Freud. Rather surprisingly, the person she experiences the best connection with is Kenny, who is impressed by her plan to travel to Vietnam.

Meanwhile, at home Frasier and Martin are becoming lazier than ever about doing household chores, so whenever Daphne visits she offers to help, and ends up waiting on them hand and foot.

Episode Title Cards

*"He’s also seen Boston and Kansas"

Cultural references

*The episode title comes from the 1964 musical film "Kissin' Cousins", starring Elvis Presley.
*As he is launching into a disquisition on Freud, Frasier mentions a woman named Clytemnestra. This was the wife of the Greek king Agamemnon, who murdered him on his return from Troy.

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