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Krasnohrad ( _uk. Красноград) is a city in Kharkiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Population is 22,670 (2001).

Located on the river Berestovoy 101 km to the west of the city of Kharkiv. Through the city passes the Moscow - Simferopol highway and railway lines to Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Poltava, Lozovuyu. The city of Krasnograd Bilevska was founded as a fortress in 1731-1733, as part of the Ukrainian defence fortifications, which ran from the Dnieper to Seversky Donets. In 1784 the castle was renamed Kostyantinograd, and in 1797 it received the status of the city. In 1922 it was renamed Krasnograd.

City area - 1355 hectares, of which 58% is built upon. As of 01.01.1992 the population of the city stood at 27.6 thousand people. In comparison to 1979, it decreased by 17.9 points. The city area is located on a plateau, which descends steeply to the Berestovoy valley. Overall, there is a surface slope from the northern east to south-west towards the river.

Climate - moderately continental. The average temperature in January is -7,2 °C, in July is +20,8 °C. The absolute maximum is +37 °C, minimum -35 °C. Mean annual rainfall is 536 mm.

The main branch of the city's economy is industry: gas, light industry (spinning mill), food (meat plants and cereal products, butter, plant food, bakery, vegetable factory), wood (furniture factory), as well as building materials industry. 14 thousand inhabitants of the city work in other settlements.

Services: 4 educational, musical, artistic and sports schools, 2 hospitals, 16 libraries, 7 clubs, cinemas. Medical, vocational schools, teacher training college, technical school mechanization of agriculture. Works Regional Museum, Art Gallery.

The city contains 396 thousand m2 of housing, 56% of which is public. Housing provides 14.3 m2 per person. The city's supply network provides gas and liquefied gas.

Green areas and plantations of Krasnograd occupy 504 hectares, together with the river. Berestovoy is a place of rest for the townspeople. The city established a monument to soldiers who died in battles for the liberation of Krasnograd during the Great Patriotic War.

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