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official_name = Pohrebysche
native_name = Погребище
nickname =

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subdivision_type = Country
subdivision_name =Ukraine
Vinnytsia Oblast
Pohrebyschensky Raion
established_title = First mentioned
established_date = XII c. as town of Rokitnya. Become a town in 1938, administrative center in 1984
established_title1 =
established_date1 =
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population_total = 10754|population_footnotes= (2001).
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longd=29 |longm=16 |longs= 0|longEW=E
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postal_code = 22200
area_code = +380 +486
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Pohrebysche ( _uk. Погребище) is a town in Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Pohrebyschensky Raion (district) in western Ukraine. Pohrebysche is situated near the sources of the Ros River.


Pohrebysche is also known as _pl. Pohrebyszcze, _ru. Погребище "Pogrebischtsche" or "Pogrebishchye", _yi. פרהאבישטא "Prhobisht"


The town is very old and origin of its name is not clear. "Pogreb" means "a big cellar" in Ukrainian. On another hand "Pogrebaty" can be interpreted as "to perform a burial". According to a legend, put down by Ukrainian ethnographer Pokhilevich, before Mongol invasion of Rus, during the times of Kyiv the town was called Rokitnya. Mongols level the town leaving only the cellars.


Countess Ewelina Hańska (Rzewuska) a Polish noblewoman (szlachcianka) was born January 6 1801 in Pohrebysche.Ewelina was the sister of Henryk Rzewuski. She was married to Waclaw Hanski, a landowning noble, who was twenty years older than her. After his death she became wife of the French novelist Honoré de Balzac in 1850. They have meet in Pohrebysche.

Other Nearby Communities

* Vinnytsia 40 miles ENE
* Plyskiv 8 miles S
* Borshchahovka 12 miles E
* Ruzhyn 16 miles N
* Belilovka 17 miles NW
* Samhorodok 19 miles W
* Tetiiv 19 miles ESE
* Lypovets 20 miles SSW
* Zhivotivka 21 miles SE
* Vakhnovka 22 miles WSW
* Skvyra 25 miles NE
* Koziatyn 25 miles NW
* Illintsi 25 miles S
* Pavoloch 28 miles NNE
* Volodarka 29 miles E
* Balabanivka 30 miles SSE
* Berdychiv 42 miles SE

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