Anacreon (disambiguation)

Anacreon (disambiguation)

Anacreon was a poet from Ancient Greece.

Anacreon may also refer to:

* Anacréon, the title of two operas written by Jean-Philippe Rameau
* Anacreon (planet), fictional planet in the novels of Isaac Asimov
* Anacreon Province, also referred to in the fiction of Isaac Asimov
* , a 1988 computer game with a 2004 update
* To Anacreon in Heaven, the official song of the Anacreontic Society
* Carl Michael Bellman, sometimes referred to as the Anacreon of Sweden
* Hafez, sometimes referred to as the Anacreon of Persia
* Francesco Albani, sometimes referred to as the Anacreon of Painters
* Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac, sometimes referred to as Anacreon of the Guillotine

ee also

* Anacreontic Society

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