Sulzberger Institute for Dermatologic Education

Sulzberger Institute for Dermatologic Education

The Sulzberger Institute for Dermatologic Education is a grant-giving organization that funds research pertaining to technology and education in dermatology. Initially, the Sulzberger was a free-standing institute loosely affiliated with the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and governed by an independent Board of Trustees. Since 2005, the Sulzberger has been subsumed within the AAD, and has become the Sulzberger Institute Committee of the AAD.

Each Fall, the Sulzberger awards 1-2 seed grants for research designed to improve the teaching of dermatology via novel technological applications. In recent years, the Committee has been particularly interested in funding research to advance continuing graduate medical education in dermatology and the teaching of dermatologic surgery. Grants are typically for 1-2 years, and are targeted to young investigators, including junior faculty and residents-in-training.

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