Ari Gold (Entourage)

Ari Gold (Entourage)

Entourage character|

name=Ariel "Ari" A. Gold
age=41 (born 1967)
relatives=Mrs. Ari Gold (wife)
Sarah Gold (daughter)
Jonah Gold (son)
and one more unnamed daughter
job= Owner/Partner Miller/Gold Talent Agency
Vincent Chase's agent
lovelife=Married to Mrs. Ari Gold
actor=Jeremy Piven

Ariel ["One Day in the Valley".] A. "Ari" ["Aquamansion".] Gold [His name is initially listed as "Ari Jacobs" in season 1 on the placard outside his building.] is a character on the comedy-drama television series "Entourage". He is played by Jeremy Piven.


Ari Gold is Vince's agent. A product of the public school system, he graduated from Harvard and received his JD/MBA from Michigan. Ari has either one brother and no sisters or "two brothers and a whore of a sister," including a sister who lives in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Despite his position as one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood, Ari acquiesces to his wife at home (whom we are led to believe has a large inheritance from her father), who is able to keep him in check. Despite frequent sexual innuendoes, Ari says he "has never cheated on his wife" and "loves liars, but hates cheaters."

Towards the end of Season 2, Ari gets into a rivalry with Terrance McQuewick, his boss and the majority owner of the agency. Ari had been running the agency in Terrance's absence and had been confrontational with him over his desire to replace Ari as Vince's agent. When Ari attempted to break away from the agency along with eight other agents, he was ratted out by Adam Davies and was then terminated from the company. Later in the episode, he appears to have a brief mental breakdown but recovers after Lloyd lectures him and encourages Ari to continue his attempt to open his own agency. In Season 3 Part 1, Ari sets up a small boutique with five other agents working for him, until Terrance and Ari settle on $11 million dollars in return for Ari not suing Terrance for wrongful termination. Later on, Ari intends to use the money to start up a much larger agency, but he is found out. Terrance makes it clear he will spend all of his money to ensure Ari never sees a dime of their agreed settlement. In the end Ari's former mentor and former boss before Terrance, Barbara "Babs" Miller makes a deal to partner with him to start a new agency. It ends up being called Miller Gold Talent Agency. Ari comments that it sounds like the name of a beer company.

Ari and Eric Murphy are the primary influences in Vincent's life. But it is clear that Vincent trusts and follows Eric's advice much more than he does Ari's. This makes for a tense relationship between Eric and Ari. While neither one particularly likes the other, they realize that they are in a marriage of necessity and grow to become close comrades. Their personal and professional relationship shatters at the end of the Season 3 Part 1 finale when Eric and Vince fire Ari due to his risky business move that ends up costing Vince the role of Joey Ramone in a biographical film documenting The Ramones' rise and fall.

In the following episode, Ari had a friendly lunch with Vince and Eric, informing them that his dream project, "Medellin" (the story of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar), is now available, but Vince's new agent Amanda informs him that this is not the case. Later that night at Vince's birthday party, Ari and Amanda square off, but Ari backs off, knowing that he planted the seed of doubt in Vince's mind. Vince decides not to accept any new projects until he is certain that "Medellin" is off the table.

During the 17th episode of Season 3, "Return of the King," Ari informs Vince that "Medellin" has officially become available, and Ari tries his best to get the lead role for Vince, but because it is Yom Kippur, Ari has difficulty in doing so and the project is shut down. Vince, believing that Ari would've never let it happen, feels that Amanda let the deal fall through because of their relationship and that filming "Medellin" would keep him busy for six months. Either way, Amanda dropped Vince in every sense of the word. In the next episode The Resurrection, Vincent and Eric rehire Ari as their agent, since Ari got them the full rights to Medellin as they will be producing the project thus reviving the film.

During Season 4, Ari tries hard to get Vincent a job, but struggles to do so as everyone won't give him a job without validating Medellin first. Eventually, the trailer for Medellin is leaked, inducing a flood of offers. The film they decide upon comes from an adaptation of a book Eric gave to Ari some time ago. It is seen as a potential blockbuster for Vincent; Ari goes to Dana Gordon to acquire the role. However, the role is already filled, so Ari and Lloyd begin a game of sabotage to get Vincent the role, successfully after getting Heath Ledger to drop out. However, the intended director drops out as well. Ari, in a last-minute desperation, sells Dana Gordon the Dream Team: actor Vincent Chase, producer Eric Murphy, and director Billy Walsh. Billy gets commissioned to write the script, but deviates from the source material entirely. Ari then struggles to get the studio interested in the new Project "SILO" which, according to Vince, is a gold mine.

In the Season 4 season finale, Ari tries to sell Medellin before the screening, getting large offers, eventually the decision is made by the financer Nick Rubenstein, who has accepted an offer from Yair Marx (2nd of 3 people who wanted to finance the film - he did not finance it of course) to buy the film for $75 Million. After the screening the crowd at Cannes boos it, Marx drops his offer right then and there. Eventually Harvey Weingard, comes and buys the film for $1. Ari is confident that Harvey can fix the film.

In Season 2 we found out that Ari was involved with Dana Gordon at some point before his marriage. The extent of this relationship is unclear as Ari's many statements about their past escapades sometimes appear to be in jest and even contradictory.

In "The Scene" in Season 1, Ari had taken Viagra before spending time with his wife. In another episode, Ari's wife jokes about his use of Viagra before he goes to the Playboy Mansion for a party.


Ari's character is based on the real-life Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel [ [ "Showrunner added to Wahlberg's 'Entourage'"] by Michael Fleming, Variety August 21, 2003 retrieved August 23, 2006.] , who broke away from mega-agency ICM to form the Endeavor Talent Agency, which represents such stars as Vin Diesel and Larry David, both of whom are represented on the show by the fictional Ari Gold. Ari Emanuel also once represented Jeremy Piven himself, and in an interview on the special features of the season 2 DVD, Entourage creator Doug Ellin says that the real life Ari demanded the part be cast to Piven and wouldn't accept anyone else to play him. Real-life "Ari Gold" produced the CD of one of Adrian Grenier's (actor who portrays Vincent Chase) bands, The Honey Brothers, in 2003 [ [ Honey 4 U: The Honey Brothers at] .] .


List of Ari Gold's clients who are real celebrities, as told in the series:
*Mark Wahlberg
*Eva Longoria
*Lindsay Lohan
*Larry David
*Vin Diesel
*Richard Kelly
*Richard Schiff
*Rob Schneider (Season 1, Episode 3. Ari tells Vince not to mention the seats for the fight to his client Rob Schneider)
*M. Night Shyamalan
*James Woods
*Hugh Jackman
*Jessica Biel
*Sharon Stone
*T.I.It is also revealed that one of his clients starred in Ocean's Eleven.

Clients that are fictional celebrities:
*Vincent Chase
*Johnny "Drama" Chase
*Justine Chapin
*Nick Rubenstein
*Jimmy Withaker

Clients trying to sign:
*Sarah Silverman
*Jessica Alba
*Kanye West

Former Clients of Ari Gold Both Real and Fictional Celebrities:
*Billy Walsh
*Mary J. Blige
*Gary Busey
*Gwyneth Paltrow
*Sydney Pollack


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