Sadi Ranson

Sadi Ranson

Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti is a British poet and author living in the United States who has published widely in the United States and in Europe. Although she has written for print publications, she is most widely known as a result of her prolific output online. Besides running the blog she founded, [ tantmieux] she also serves as a regular contributor to Blogcritics, is an established writer for various online and print magazines (specifically writing about Bob Dylan, Lewis Carroll as well as cultural and political issues), and is Senior Cultural & Political Editor with [ Cyrano's Journal Online.] Ranson is also a well-established poet both in the United States and in Europe. She is the founder of [ The Tant Mieux Project] , incorporating [ Bob Dylan on Tant Mieux] .

Early career

Ranson-Polizzotti first became known for her premier novel, "Eels", which was published by Alyscamps Press in Paris on September 5, 1997. "Eels" was compared to the novel by Elizabeth Smart, "By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept" and, among others, Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar. The novella, "Eels", was well received and well-reviewed by [http://www. "Dalkey Archive Press"] , "The Boston Book Review", "The Harvard Review", among others, in the States and Europe. At the time of publication, Ranson had already left David R. Godine Publisher to found her own imprint, Lumen Editions.

Lumen Editions & Publications

Ranson-Polizzotti was founder and Editorial Director of the literary press Lumen Editions, an imprint of Brookline Books, which was known for publishing work in translation, and shedding a light where none had been shed before. The board of Lumen Editions was comprised of, among others, notable individuals in the publishing world, Nobel Prize Winner Saul Bellow, author Tom Pohrt, artist Rosamund Purcell, New York publisher Ned Chase (father of Chevy Chase), and other notable figures in the publishing industry.

Lumen Editions quickly established itself as one of the best independent publishers in the field and received a great deal of media attention both for its high-profile Editorial Board as well as the fine quality of work in translation. It soon became one of the most watched publishers in its class.

Under Ranson-Polizzotti's direction, Lumen Editions published many great authors including the work of Prix Goncourt winner Jean Echenoz, Harry Mathews, Hans Koning, Florence Delay, Marguerite Duras, and others. The publishing house received a great deal of attention in both trade and non-trade magazines such as "Publisher's Weekly", "Independent Publisher", and the books are notable for receiving a "New York Times" review (per book) as well as garnering attention and numerous reviews from other major national media.

Ranson has been profiled by various magazines for her work at Lumen and was most recently profiled for the famous "Cleveland Blogcritics" [] , an online newspaper and magazine that won Best of Forbes in its class. Due to the work Ranson was doing at Lumen and that paperback translations had previously not garnered much attention where Lumen succeeded, "Independent Publisher" named Ranson the "enfant terrible" of the publishing world.

One of the most important books that Lumen Editions and Ranson published was the final book written by French author Marguerite Duras. The book's title was "Writing" (in French, "Ecrire"), was translated by [ Mark Polizzotti] (author of "Revolution of the Mind", the biography of French Surrealist Andre Breton, and a well-known French translator). Duras is best-known for her book The Lover as well as her screenplay Hiroshima, Mon Amour, among many other books that Duras published both in French and that have now been translated into English.

Ranson writes for many online and print publications that publish her poetry as well as work about Bob Dylan, Lewis Carroll, Henry Miller for the international journal Nexus), [ Contariwise] , [ Teleread] , and generational and cultural issues as well as a popular music column for Best of Forbes magazine, [ Blogcritics] .

Background sketch

Ranson had previously worked in publishing since the age of fifteen and was one of the youngest "Rovers" or interns ever hired by the large magazine publishing house of Conde-Nast (where she worked in the New York city office), which publishes many of the top magazines world-wide. Ranson worked at "Vogue".

After being born and raised in Great Britain, Ranson attended University and interned in the United States. At present, she is an established poet and writer (in many areas, including technology), as well as professor (at the graduate level where she teaches Book Editing and Publishing to graduate students). She also guest lectures on various topics at a number of universities and has participated in she has also done public radio programs on the state of translation public radio programs. She has lectured at Harvard University's Bunting Institute for publishing, and frequently lectures on pop culture and [ Bob Dylan] , about whom she runs a successful web site. Ranson-Polizzotti lectures at The New School and New York University, both in New York City.

Vogue - Authors Worked With

"Vogue", "Elle", "House & Garden" (at the time), "Gentlemen's Quarterly", "Vanity Fair" and other publications owned by Conde Nast were soon published under the leadership of Steven T. Florio who became CEO of Advance Publications, which also published "The New Yorker".

After working at Conde Nast Publications, Ranson attended Boston University, returning to Conde Nast for several summers to work as a fashion assistant at Vogue magazine where she worked for Jade Hobson and Anna Wintour as well as other editors under the direction of then editor Grace Mirabella. Note that this is the same program that employed Sylvia Plath at one time and which provides the backdrop of her famous book the The Bell Jar.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Boston University, Ranson worked at "The Atlantic Monthly" as a literary associate where she evaluated incoming manuscripts for Staff and Fiction Editor C. Michael Curtis as well as Poetry Editor Peter Davison, before she was hired by the well-known independent literary publishing house of David R. Godine, Publisher. Note that [ David R. Godine, Publisher] is known for its authors such as Leslie Fiedler, poet Kate Barnes (daughter of Henry Beston, the author of classic book "Outermost House"), Walter Abish, John Banville, Aharon Appelfeld, Harry Mathews and many others.

Lewis Carroll - Bob Dylan - Editorships

Ranson has well-established herself in the world of trade publishing as an editor and is also well-established as a poet as well as writer of fiction and non-fiction. Ranson has written widely about author Lewis Carroll. Ranson-Polizzotti is now under contract with [ Continuum Books] and is writing a full-length manuscript about Carroll as part of a series of great authors. Her articles about Lewis Carroll have been widely published and anthologized; most are gathered at [ Lewis Carroll, Tant Mieux.] Ranson-Polizzotti is also a member of the Society for New Carroll Studies, [ Contrariwise] with other select Carroll scholars who write to bring a new, contemporary understanding to Lewis Carroll.

Most recently, Ranson-Polizzotti made news when she was named as a senior editor and analyst by the political and literary journal [ Cyrano] , edited by Patrice Greanville, Editor Emeritus Gore Vidal and other Editors Noam Chomsky among others in the field. Ranson-Polizzotti has been named as a Senior Cultural & Political Analyst with a biography page at [ Best Cyrano - Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti, Senior Cultural & Political Analyst] . Cyrano and Tant Mieux (Ranson-Polizzotti's site) joined forces in January, 2008 forming [ Cyrano on Tant Mieux] and [ Tant Mieux on Cyrano] , with a symbiosis between both sites noted as "the fusing of two great ideas."

Ranson-Polizzotti's other manuscripts are represented by [ Michele Rubin] , literary agent, located in Manhattan, at [ writer's house] , which also represents the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, among many other authors (a partial list on site.) Her new book (in progress) also represented by Writer's House, is titled "Unnaturally Close". She is also working on a book of personal essays about singer/songwriter and Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Dylan.

She has written a great deal about Temporal Lobe Epilepsy for major health sites as well as more general news sites and again, on Wikipedia.

Ranson-Polizzotti has published widely in the IT field for her technical writings and podcasts for various organizations including [ Teleread] , editor David Rothman.

Ranson runs a highly-trafficked web-site about Bob Dylan from her general site, [ tant mieux] where the full-breadth of her work is available. The Dylan section's articles are carried by [ expectingrain] , an officially endorsed Dylan site. The Bob Dylan section is part of The Tant Mieux Project (a collection of related sites that deal mostly with biography) and can be found at Bob Dylan [] .

Tant Mieux is an officially endorsed and is one few Bob Dylan sites selected worldwide, that is featured on and Sony BMG. Ranson is a featured writer. Her articles are in-depth analyses of specific songs and concerts. Unlike other fan-sites, Tant Mieux offers a more philosophical approach to Dylan's work. Tant Mieux accepts contributions, recently several articles (on Twyla Tharp and Dylan's exhibit at The Morgan Library and Museum) by site contributor [ Evander Lomke] , Avner Ohev, and other regular contributors.

The Tant Mieux Project has many notable contributors, including Patrice Greanville, Jason Miller, Editor Emeritus Gore Vidal, and Noam Chomsky among many others. For a list, please see [ Contributors] . Photographic artists at Tant Mieux include [ Carl Johnson] , [ Owen Hartford] , and others. Ranson's broad-ranging [ photographic output] is also viewable on Tant Mieux.

Ranson-Polizzotti is a full nominated member of the writer's society, [ PEN America] (New York City), for whom she frequently contributes. Other Tant Mieux PEN members include writer, editor, and translator [ Mark Polizzotti] and writer-editor [ Evander Lomke] . A complete list of [ contributors] is available on the Tant Mieux home site.

Tant Mieux accepts submissions and is a magazine-format site. In a recent article, Ranson noted that "Tant Mieux does not believe in censorship" and ran an article that had been censored by one of the large social networking sites (Facebook). Like it's sister publication, Cyrano, Tant Mieux puts itself out there with its syndicated content and seems unafraid. For more or for examples, visit [ Cyrano on Tant Mieux] , with Ranson, Greanville, Vidal, and Chomsky as senior editors. A full list of board members can be found on the site.

Original Poetry & Essays About Poetry

Ranson-Polizzotti writes poetry on her personal website on a regular (almost daily) basis. Most are confessional in nature (similar to poets she admires). Usually first person, sensual and involving a lot of recurring themes. Many are about her life overseas in France. Many are accompanied by photos (sometimes of herself). These poems haven't been yet collected. Her articles cover a variety of subjects, including cultural comment, GenX issues, review, literature, music and more and are available in her collected works at [ Tant Mieux] . Her poetry is also available on the Web at her own site and elsewhere on the Web in audio format (sometimes with a music backing) under the name "Sufficient Sunshine." Audio files of Ranson-Polizzotti's work are on her primary site at [ tant mieux spoken word.] Ranson's audio work has been published in numerous places including [ The Adroitly Placed Word] which is part of an Oulipo-type group of contemporary poets. Ranson-Polizzotti is presently compiling her second collection of poetry, "A Blue Chinese Jar", for Alyscamps Press, Paris, London, United States.

[ Varieties of Poetic Experience] lists the various poetic genres she has written. Her work has been published in journals both in the United States and abroad and has been well-received and reviewed by many journals such as The Dalkey Archive Press (publisher) which reviewed Ranson's first book, "Eels"; [] . Ranson-Polizzotti has a new book of collected and select poems forthcoming this summer from her French publisher, Alyscamps Press, who initially published Ranson's first novel in a limited signed and numbered collector's edition. These editions, considered rare, now sell for over eighty dollars if authenticated.

The [ Plath-Hughes Project] contains essays on the Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes relationship.

Books & Notable Works

*"Eels", Alsycamps Press, Paris, ISBN 1-897722-89-3

*"The American Directory of Writer's Guidelines, 3rd Edition: A Compilation of Information for Freelancers from More Than 1,400 Magazine Editors and Book Publishers" (Paperback), Quill Driver Books, 3rd Edition, January 2003
* [ What About Lewis Carroll] Biography & Source Studies, editor Fred Carl

*"First Book Market", editor Jason Shinder, “Faith and Fiction” by Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti, Macmillan, Book of the Month Club selection. ISBN 188495619X,

*"Biography & Source Studies"; an anthology editor Fred Carl, "What about Lewis Carroll" by Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti, editor Fred Carl
* [ Epilepsy & Exorcism All the Rage] Tant Mieux, 2006
* [ Lewis Carroll: The Mad Deacon]
* [ 42 Seconds Underground with Lewis Carroll]
* [ Sparks of Genius]
* [ The Dreamchild: Carroll & Nabokov's Elusive Nymphet]

Webpages and Online Writing

Ranson-Polizotti runs several personal websites and projects, contributes poetry to dozens of literary magazines, and has (as of November 2006) published over 275 articles/essays on American culture for [ blogcritics] . (Here is a [ partial list] ).
* [ Personal website] : includes poetry, essays, photos & epilepsy writings on Tant Mieux.
* [ PEN American Society Member Page]
* [ Lewis Carroll on Tant Mieux]
* [ Teleread]
* [ Ourmedia page for Sadi Ranson-Polizotti] : includes audio and video.
* [ "I remember Saul Bellow"] : Her essay for [ TeleRead] .
* [ Cyrano's Journal: Editor Patrice Greanville, Editor; Emeritus, Gore Vidal; Sadi Ranson, Senior Cultural & Political Editor.]
* [ Ourmedia] Includes spoken word audio and poetry set to music with music by David Beaman.
* [ Sufficient Sunshine] Spoken word poetry set to music with David Beaman; together they form "Sufficient Sunshine."
* [ Interviews on Tant Mieux] Ranson-Polizzotti interviews with singer/songwriter Tom Verlaine (formerly of the group Television), Katie Melua, Hans Koning, and others.
* [ The Adroitly Placed Word]
* [ Tant Mieux on Cyrano] " The Inevitable Fusing of Two Great Ideas.

ome Epilepsy Writings

* [ Epilepsy & Exorcism: All the Rage, Tant Mieux]
* [ Wired: Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Me, Blogcritics, October 10th, 2006]
* [ Of Fugues & Fireflies: Grand Mal, Ch. 1, BBC.Co.UK, 2006]
* [ Epilepsy in the Workplace: Carpe Diem, Blogcritics, January 20, 2005]
* [ Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, contrib; S. Ranson-Polizzotti, 2006]
* [ Sparks of Genius]

* [ Here: Wear This Stigma, Blogcritics, January 16th, 2006]
* [ Virginia Woolfe's Long Hours |Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Tant Mieux, November 16, 2006]
* [ Electroencephologram, poem on Tant Mieux, December 9, 2004]
* [ Dream No. 1]
* [ Select New Love Poems; Epilepsy Poems in this section often in dream sequences (see Archives under 'D', 'Dream', etc.]
* [ "The Padded Bed" on Cyrano's Best by Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti]

Essays & Reviews about Ranson-Polizzotti

* [ Sorting through the Shards with Sadi: The Confessional Essay] : discussion of Ranson's confessional style by Robert Nagle.
* [] : Blogcritics Interview with Ranson-Polizzotti. Blogcritics Interview
* [ Review of Contemporary Fiction, Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti's novella, Eels]

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