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Gala TV is a gaming channel in the United Kingdom which launched on October 4 2006 replacing Avago. The channel was due to be launched on September 13 2006, but due to technical problems it was held back.

Gala TV broadcasts bingo 24 hours a day. Automated Bingo runs from 2am to 6pm and Live Bingo runs from 6pm to 2am the following morning. Viewers can register via their remote control, On the website or by using a freephone telephone number. Players then press red to purchase tickets for the bingo games or play on the website.

When Gala TV launched they had a very classic approach to the channel. They had a team of five presenters and seven callers. The studio had a cold and classic feel and there was also no interaction with the viewers. Also most of the presenting was done by one presenter.

In February 2007, Gala TV underwent a massive rebrand. The graphics, idents and adverts were completely changed. The studio also went a change with the new bingo screen. The presenting style also changed with three presenters and two callers on each night meaning there could be two presenters in each hour. There was much more presenter and viewer interaction. The new Automated Service featuring a pre-recorded caller was still being built so the older automated service was running for a further two months.

The next biggest change came in November 2007. A new game was introduced to the live schedule called the "Ultimate Flyer." This ment that there were now nine games in each hour. The presenting style also changed back to a more serious approach with some hours being led by only one presenter. This was a move that did not go down with some players lightly.

In February 2008, Another change to the studio took place. Two bubble lamps appeard either side of the screen. These have been removed as they contstantly stopped working.

On Tuesday 10 June 2008, Gala TV launched the new TV Bingo room which allows players to play bingo on the web. The TV Bingo room features a live chat room with direct access to the studio presenters and also a live stream of Gala TV from 6pm to 2am.

On Thursday 24 July 2008, Gala TV launched on Freesat Channel 861. The difference is that freesat viewers can only play via the website as there are no red button facilities. Gala TV is on freesat 24/7.

On Saturday 4th October, Gala TV Celebrated its Second birthday with its players. The night was filled with promotions featured from the last year and a Comedy Bingo party at 9pm.

Live bingo

The Live show of Gala TV is broadcast from Endemol West studios in Bristol City Centre from 6pm to 2am each night. The evening is split up into three sessions like the Gala Clubs, The Early, Main and Late Session.

Current schedule

*6pm - The Happy Hour
*7pm - The Super Nine
*8pm - The Happy Hour
*9pm - 9 @ Nine
*10pm - Ten Ton Tornado
*11pm - BOGOF Blockbuster
*12am - Midnight Madness
*1am - The Twilight Zone

Automated service

Gala TV has had two automated services during its time. The older Automated service just had numbers flying through the middle of the screen all the time. The newer Automated service featured the new idents and adverts, a game lockout countdown and a caller.

The current automated service runs as follows

*2am - The Sharon Osbourne Hour
*3am - Barmy Bingo
*6am - Gala Bingo
*11am - Barmy Bingo
*1pm - Gala Bingo
*3pm - Barmy Bingo
*4pm - Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is the traditional standard 90 ball game. Games played include Double Bubble, Bargain, BOGOF and Cresendo. Barmy Bingo is the 75 Ball game with faster games and no sharing of prizes. Barmy Bingo used to have a slot on the live show each day until it was removed as it could not be played on the website.


Here is a full list of the current games played out each night on Gala TV.

*Double Bubble - Two tickets for the price of one
*The Flyer - Classic Game of Bingo
*Nifty Fivty - All prizes worth £50
*Ton Up - All prizes worth £100
*Spotlight - Standard game of bingo with an attached jackpot. Call Full house in 45 numbers or less to win this.
*BOGOF - Buy One Ticket, Get another Free.
*Bargain - 5p Value Game
*Ultimate Flyer - Standard game of bingo. Call a full house on a double number to double the full house prize.
*OO-Heaven - All prizes worth £100. Another name for the Ton Up Game
*Dreamtime - Big Money Game of bingo.
*Top of the Bill - Minimum full house prize of £100.
*Grand Finale - Biggest game of the night. £1000 Full House prize.
*Cresendo - Automated Game Only. Basically a Big Money Game similar to Top of the Bill.
*Free Bingo - Free Game of bingo. On the Hour every Thursday.


*Mike Mason
*Charlie Mcardle
*Yasmin Khan
*Opal Bonfante
*Dave O Reilly
*Yiannis Morgan
*Pollyanna Woodward
*Kathryn Camsey
*Abby Surgeon


*Peter Winterton
*Brian Gillatt
*Brett Hyrjak
*Peter Carlisle - Freelance Caller
*Hayley Goucher - Returning to Gala TV in September Full time.
*Patric Bowler - Only calls Automated Bingo
*Sharon Osbourne - Has her own dedicated hour on the Automated Service.


* [ Official Website]
* [ Opal Bonfante Official Website]
* [ Yasmin Khan Official Website]
* [ Lisa Brash Official Website]
* [ Brett Hyrjak Column]

"Gala TV" is owned by Gala Bingo (Gala Group).

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