Gala may refer to:

*A gala, a (as an adjective, e.g. "a gala event", it means "")
*Gala, Tibet, a village
*"Gala", a Greek word (γάλα)Clarifyme|date=September 2007 meaning "milk". "(See also Milky Way and Galaxy etymology.)"
*Gala (apple), a type of apple grown particularly in New Zealand
*Graduated Audio Level Adjustment, using the speed pulse of the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) to adjust the volume in a car audio head unit
*A contraction of Galashiels, a Scottish Borders (UK) town.

pecific events and event types

*Durham Miners' Gala, a famous gala in the north of England
*Gala, a traditional annual event held in towns and villages throughout Scotland involving a Gala Queen and King chosen from local primary school pupils and involving a gala parade, events and games
*Swimming gala, an amateur swimming competition

Organization, company and brand names

*GALA (Gay and Lesbian Acceptance), a Missouri non-profit organization for LGBT individuals connected with the Community of Christ
*Gala Group, a betting shop (Coral) and bingo hall (Gala Bingo) operator based in the United Kingdom
*Gala TV, the television channel produced by Gala Bingo
*GALA Choruses, an association of GLBT choral groups
*Globalization and Localization Association, an international non-profit organization that promotes translation to facilitate globalization
*Gala RFC, a rugby club in Galashiels, Scotland
*"Gala", the nickname of Galatasaray S.K., a football (soccer) club in Turkey


*Gala, King of the Masaesyles of eastern Numidia
*Gala Dalí (1894–1982), the wife of French poet Paul Éluard and Catalan painter Salvador Dalí
*Antonio Gala (b. 1936), Spanish poet and novelist.
*Gala (singer), New York-based singer/songwriter whose hits include 'Freed from Desire', 'Let a Boy a Cry', 'Come into my Life', 'Faraway', 'Tough Love':"See also Galla Placidia, Roman empress, daughter of Emperor Theodosius the Great."

Fiction, film and gaming

*Gala Brand, a fictional character of Ian Fleming's "James Bond" series novel "Moonraker" (did not appear in the film version)
*Gala (magazine), a French magazine with primarily celebrity and lifestyles stories and photographs
*Gala, a planet in the "Star Wars" expanded universe
*Gala, protagonist of the "Legend of Legaia" video game

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