Ugljevik Power Plant

Ugljevik Power Plant

company_name = Rudnik i Termoelektrana „Ugljevik“
Mine and Power Plant "Ugljevik"
company_type = Government-owned
foundation =
location = Ugljevik, Republic of Srpska, BIH
key_people = Anto Gajić (CEO)
industry = Energy
products = Electricity
revenue =
net_income =
homepage = []
num_employees = 1,634

Ugljevik Mine and Power Plant (Serbian: Рудник и Термоелектрана „Угљевик“ or "Rudnik i Termoelekrana „Ugljevik“") is a coal fired power plant at Ugljevik in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an electrical output power of 300 megawatts. It has a 310 metre tall chimney, probably the tallest structure in the country. It was built from 1979 to 1985.
Coal has been dug here since 1899, while electricity is in production since 1985. The Bosnian War saw these facilities closed from April 1992 to November 1995, though the facilities and equipment were saved in expectation of resuming production.The Ugljevik Power Plant is now one of the largest generators of electricity in Republika Srpska, ensures Bosnia have an adequate supply of power, maintains Bosnian energy independence and even exports electricity.The second phase in development of the mine and generating plant – construction of facilities equally those existing – will make the complex mightier and will technologically and economically optimize production. War in Bosnia stopped construction on the second phase (first phase 300 MW + second phase 300 MW, total 600 MW), so power plant capacity is still 300 MW, but some investors showed interest in building a second phase available to produce 600 MW of electricity (first phase 300 MW + second phase 600 MW, total 900 MW).

The achievements reached so far have been made possible by good cadres – 1,700 employees, 100 with a university education – they being the capital that guarantees a secure future for this giant, making investment possible. This is why the future is viewed with considerable optimism.


Chimney of Power Plant is tallest structure in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was made this big (310 m) to reduce emission of pollution to nearby communities. Before the Bosnian War on the top of chimney with big white letters was written ‘TITO’, in memory of communist leader of former Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. During the war text was rewritten, so now is visible a Serbian symbol, the Serbian cross.

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