JUN, or JUN Auto, is a Japanese tuning shop for cars. JUN began as the research facility of Tanaka Industrial Co., Ltd. and originally focused on disassembling and improving engines. It now manufactures cars with a high level of engine performance and also manufactures car parts. JUN is regarded as one of the leading Japanese tuners and its products are exported all over the world.


JUN manufactures aftermarket performance parts and engines for Japanese cars. They make parts such as piston kits, stroker kits, valves and Plenums. The parts they make are designed to upgrade the performance over standard OEM parts.

World Records

In 1990 JUN attended the Bonneville Speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats (see also Bonneville Speedway) with a Z32 Nissan 300ZX they had extensively modified. JUN was able to record a speed of 373 km/h.This was a world-record for a “road”-going car.

JUN returned a year later with the intent of improving on their world record. This time they used a JUN-Blitz Z32 300ZX. In the E/BMS class, JUN set a record 419.84 km/h, becoming world champions Fact|date=February 2007. This record remains unbroken.Fact|date=February 2007

JUN has also competed in the JGTC series as well as in drifting in Japan and the USA.

Japanese Competitions

JUN, while competing with most other Japanese performance parts manufacturers, has also chosen to partner with HKS. They offer a select range of HKS parts for sale alongside their own.

International partnerships

While JUN does not advertise in the international market, they have partnered with automotive performance companies and race teams around the world, choosing to let their international partners push their products. Through these partnerships they have provided special engines that have been made and in some cases entire Demo Cars made by JUN. Some partners have borrowed JUN’s cars for exhibitions such as [http://www.upgrademotoring.com Upgrade Motoring] . While others, such as [http://www.japraceparts.com Jap Race Parts] have built entire cars in conjunction with JUN.


* [http://www.junauto.co.jp JUN Auto Home Page]
* [http://www.upgrademotoring.com Upgrade Motoring Home Page]
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