Colonna (RM)

Colonna (RM)

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official_name = Colonna
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region = Latium
province = Province of Rome (RM)
elevation_m = 343
area_total_km2 = 3.5
population_as_of = Dec. 2004
population_total = 3553
population_density_km2 = 1015
timezone = CET, UTC+1
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postalcode = 00030
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Colonna is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Rome in the Italian region Latium, located about 20 km southeast of Rome, on the Alban Hills. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 3,553 and an area of 3.5 km².All demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute Istat.]

Colonna borders the following municipalities: Monte Compatri, Rome, San Cesareo.


Ancient Age

The territory of Colonna is believed by researchers to have included the ancient community of Labici, located in the area of the modern community of Monte Compatri. Labici was conquered in 414 B.C. by the Romans under the dictator Quintus Servilius Priscus and razed to the ground. The Labicanis then founded Labicum Quintanas near the Tower of the Pasolina near Colonna.

Middle Age

"Labicum Quintanas" became Episcopalian center in the IV century according to what attested by the actions. The inhabited area began to decay up to disappear with the Gothic War (535-554).

Colonna is quoted for the first time in 1047, in an action of the emperor Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor dated "Kalendes Januarii actum to Columna civitatem". Compiled the 1st January, in the city of Columna for the Monastery of St. Clemente of Casauria (PE). The emperor was guest of the castle that had taken the name from a column of the ancient Labicum Quintanense, during a standstill of the march that was effecting with his army to Naples along the underlying on Casilina road.

In 1101 Peter, child of Gregory III, Count of Tusculum received as inheritance the territory and the Castle of Columna, with Monte Porzio Catone, Monte Compatri and other surrounding possessions: Peter will be the founder of the lineage of the Colonna family, that took the name from this possession.

In 1298 Pope Boniface VIII ordered the destruction of Colonna and its Castle as punishment toward the Colonna family. With the advent of Pope Clement V (1305) the Colonna family took back the feud with all of its territories.

Modern age

In 1662 the " Castrum Columnae " was sold by the Colonna family to the Ludovico Cardinal Ludovisi. In 1710 the Ludovisi resold it to the Rospigliosi-Pallavicini family.

The Rospigliosi-Pallavicini maintained the feudal dominion on Colonna up to June 5th 1848. Despite the "proper motu" of Pope Pius VII of the 1816 that the feudality made less advantageous. In 1849 the Community and Municipality of Colonna was constituted.

The Baronial Palace

The Baronial Palace was built in the XVI century on the primitive Roman " castrum " by Colonna family, is situated in the tallest part on the hill and constituted a whole isolated realized above Roman substratum and partly on the tuffaceous bench. The principal front has a great ashlar-portal while the opposite front has a double order of five fornix. A part of the princely building was modified in the south-western side with the realization of the Church dedicated to Saint Nicholas in the century XVIII by the Pallavicini family. Unfortunately in 1953/1956 inside the court of the Palace the big water reservoir has been built, characteristic of this country.


First Sunday of July, the Donkey's Palio.

The seven quarters of the town contend for glory riding donkeys. The riders wear medieval clothes as the ancient people.

Demographic evolution

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