Berry (disambiguation)

Berry (disambiguation)

Berry is a type of fruit.

Berry may also refer to:

* "The Berry", the student political newspaper at Cambridge University in England
* Berry College, a liberal arts college located in Mount Berry, Georgia, USA
* "In berry", the condition of a female crustacean when she is carrying external eggs


* Berry (province), a province of France
* Berry, New South Wales, a town in Australia
* Berry, Alabama, a town in the United States
* Berry, Kentucky, a town in the United States

People with the surname "Berry"

*Albert Berry, soldier of the U.S. Army, made the first parachute jump in 1912
*Alexander Berry (1781-1873), Scottish surgeon, merchant, and explorer after whom the Australian town is named
*Sir Anthony Berry (1925-1984), British politician
*Bertrand Berry, an American NFL football player
* Bill Berry (born 1958), former drummer for the band R.E.M.
*Clarence Berry (1867–1930), U.S. miner and oilman
*Chuck Berry (born 1926), U.S. musician
*Danielle Bunten Berry (1949-1998), computer game designer
*Dave Berry (presenter), an English television presenter
*Dave Berry (musician), a 1960s British musician
*Edward Berry (1768-1831), Rear Admiral, Royal Navy
*Fred Berry (1951-2003), U.S. actor
*Gérard Berry, computer scientist
*Halle Berry (born 1966), U.S. actress
*James Berry (1860-1946), Canadian surgeon
*Joe Berry (1904-1958), Major League Baseball player
*John Berry (1635 – 1689 or 1690) a British naval officer of the Royal Navy
*Joseph Flintoft Berry (1856-1931), Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
*Leon "Chu" Berry (1908-1941), American jazz saxophonist
*Ken Berry (born 1933), U.S. actor
*Ken Berry (baseball) (born 1941), Major League Baseball outfielder
*Kevin Berry (1945-2006), Australian swimmer
*Marcellus Fleming Berry, inventor of the American Express Traveler's cheque
*Martha Berry, a founder of Berry College
*Michael Berry (born 1941), British Professor of mathematical physics
*R. Stephen Berry (born 1931), Professor of physical chemistry
*Richard Berry, musician
*Rick Berry, an American NHL hockey player
*Samuel Stillman Berry (1887-1984), U.S. zoologist
*Sean Berry, former baseball player
*Siân Berry, English politician
*Thomas Berry, self-described "earth scholar"
*Tom Berry, Governor of South Dakota, USA
*Walter Berry (basketball), U.S. basketball player
*Walter Berry (opera singer) (1929-2000), Austrian singer
*Wendell Berry, poet

ee also

* Barrie (disambiguation)
* Barry (disambiguation)
* Berri (disambiguation)

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