Family (disambiguation)

Family (disambiguation)

A family is a domestic or social group.

Family or The Family may refer to:


* Family (biology), a level of scientific classification for organisms
* Family (mathematics), an ordered collection
* Family (Periodic table), a group in the periodic table of elements


* ABC Family, a television network in the United States
* Family (TV channel), a kids' channel in Canada
* TVNZ Family, the family-orientated service on TVNZ 6

* "Family" (TV series)
* "The Family" (UK TV series), 1974 fly-on-the-wall documentary series
* "The Family" (U.S. TV series), 2003 reality television show
* "The Family" (UK TV series), 2008 reality television series
* The Addams Family (TV series), 1964 reality television series
* "Family Feud", a United States game show
* "Family Guy", an animated comedy show
* "Family Matters" (TV series), a United States sitcom

* "Family" ("Buffy" episode)
* "Family" ("House" episode)
* "Family" ("Masters of Horror" episode)
* "Family" ("Stargate SG-1")
* "Family" ("TNG" episode), a fourth-season episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
* "The Family" (sketch) from the Carol Burnett Show


* "The Family" (1970 film), Italian movie starring Charles Bronson.
* "Family" (2001 film), a Takashi Miike film
*" ", a 2006 Hindi film
*"The Family (2008 film)"


* "The Family" (novel), by Mario Puzo
* "", by Kitty Kelley
* "Family" (novel), a 1933 Chinese novel by Ba Jin


* Family (band), a 1960s British rock band
* Family (spanish band), a 1990s pop band
* "Family" (album), a 2007 country album by LeAnn Rimes
* The Family (band) R&B band formed by Prince
** "The Family" (album), the self-titled album by the band.
* Bad Boy Records colleagues of Puff Daddy (aka Sean Combs/Diddy)
* The Family (UK band) energetic 5 piece indie band from Southampton with a country/folk/blues influenced sound


* Family International, a new religious movement formerly the Children of God
* The Family (Christian political organization), also known as Fellowship House, a Washington, D.C. Christian group that organizes the National Prayer Breakfast.
* Santiniketan Park Association or Great White Brotherhood, a controversial New Age group founded in Australia
* , a proclamation put out by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


* Family (musical instruments), a grouping of similar musical instruments
* Family resemblance, a philosophical concept
* Language family, in linguistics, a group of related languages
* Family Radio, a non-commercial traditional religious broadcasting network in the United States
* Manson Family, followers of Charles Manson
* The Family (club), a private club formed in San Francisco in 1901

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