Pir Piai

Pir Piai

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official_name= Pir Piai

province=North-West Frontier Province

n1=33|n2= 59|n3= 40
e1= 71
e2= 53
e3= 15
elevation_m= 308
area_total_km2= 3
census_year= 1998
estimate_year= 2006
census_pop= 25,000
uc= 1
naib nazim
footnotes= [http://www.nwfp.gov.pk NWFP Government Website]

Pirpiai got named after its founder Pir Muhammad khan who migrated from Afghanistan. He had three brothers Makti khan, Qudratullah Khan and Arsallah Khan and four sons Miskeen Khan, sadar Khan, tapo khan and baba khan. The village Aza Khel in the neighborhood got named after its founder Aza Khel Khan

Pirpiai is a town and Union Council of Nowshera District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan [ [http://nwfp.gov.pk/AIS-page.php?DistId=1&DeptId=36&LanId=1&pageName=listuc Districts and Union Councils - Official Website of Northwest Frontier Province] ] . It has a population of more than 35,000 with literacy rate around 98% (one of the highest in the country). It is one of the most important villages in the District having great political value. It is surrounded by Industrial areas and factories that feed the region with jobs and valuable revenue sources. Primarily, Pirpiains are farmers and landlords that is still very common. Green and Lush surroundings of the area make it a very pleasant place to live. Most Pirpiains being very educated live in the cities now a days but still have their ancestral homes in the village, which are being visited on intervals. There are no 'kacha' homes in the village so to say all construction is 'concreted - paved' and made from bricks and mortar. In olden times all construction was made from earth/mud and stones and the more expensive construction was made from lime and sand which is quite close to the strength of cement.

Pirpiai is known to have produced over 350 army, Navy and Air force officers over the years. It is also famous for producing a bevy of Politicians, Civil Servants, Bureaucrats, Foreign Service personnel including a number of Ambassadors, Actors, Film and Television technicians and Media personalities. It is particularly famous for producing Engineers that have been at the head of large Engineering projects in Pakistan.

Famous British Generals were known to have been invited to the village by the late Col Mir Haider Khan which included Field Marshal Gracy, Field Marshal Roos Caple, the Governor General of India and many more notables of the time. The BBQs and Shooting parties were famous of that time. In modern times notables of every discipline are visiting the village for one reason or the other and get impressed with the tremendous progress and modern living standards of the people as compared to the rest of the NWFP villages.


The village is further divided into smaller sectors known as "Mohallas", namely (in alphabetical order):

Mohallah Miskeen Khail,Mohallah Baba Khail, Mohallah Babar, Mohallah Deri Khail, Mohallah Mandoori, Mohallah Qamar Khail, Mohallah Sadri Khail, Mohallah Sadaat, Mohallah Tapu Khail, Mohallah Janabad etc. The village has more than 35 mosques within its own "Mohallahs". Everything one needs for daily living like groceries, poultry and meat are available all the time. Bank, School (Private / Government), Colleges, Electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet, television are available. Cellular (mobile) phone services are also available in the area.


Originally Pirpiai was a kind of motel town for the passing travellers. It is situated on the side of the original Sher Shah Suri's Highway known in modern times as the Grand Trunk Road. The Mughals and their armies too used this route many times. The Mughals built road side motel can be found out side the village near police station. The building is known as "Bawlai" and in danger to be vanished because there is no care by the Federal, Provincial and Local Governments but also for the local community. It is known fact that men from the village were often recruited by the passing armies. One famous soldier recruited was known in those times as Bahadur Baba, he was an older man but fought fiercely and with great skill. When he died fighting for the Mughal armies he was sent by the then Mughal Emperor back to be buried in his native village of Pirpiai as per his last wishes.


There are several private and government schools in the village for education up to higher secondary school level. The parents are highly motivated to properly educate their children and take great interest in their studies. The village boasts the first girls high school for which the land was contributed by Col Mir Haider Khan as far back as 1963. There are now colleges for boys and girls degree college. Desparity or discrimination is no culture of Pirpiai, where girls are getting equal, identical and same chances of education as others with their free access to all fundamental rights.


There is a satellite government hospital in the village where all the basic health care facilities are available. However, for major medical problems and specialized care patients are usually referred to hospitals in Nowshera and Peshawar. There are several private medical clinics in the area. The village also have a fully equipped Dental Hospital. Plenty of Medical stores are running in the village.


Most of the young Pirpiaians love sports and music. There were several sports grounds in early 90s but with the scourge of population and constructions, the number was decreased. However, Pirpiai still has big grounds where youngsters organizes and play cricket, soccer, hockey and volley ball. The people are very friendly, generous, warmth, peaceful and humble. They keep in touch with their neighbours and fellow villagers and participate whole-heartily with one another in grief and joy. The village also boasts a 30 acre park with all kinds of amenities such as lakes and birds etc just 1 km away on GT road towards Peshawar.


Many Pirpiaians possess their own vehicles but most people still rely on public transport for travel in and outside the village.

Horse carriages are still in use but are slowly becoming obsolete. They are being steadily and sadly replaced by auto-rickshaws, taxis and vans. There is a bus stop and a railway station right at the entrance to the village.

Pirpiai is connected to Peshawar by the Grand Trunk (G.T) Road in its West and to Nowshera in its East. It is 27 km from Peshawar and 8 km from Nowshera and some 13 km from famous PAF Academy Risalpur. It is roughly 132km from the border of Afghanistan.

Few Notable People

If we look up the history of Pirpiai with its past and present, scores of outstanding and prominent people will stand in queue. We cannot give place to all of them as Pirpiai itself is a moon shinning with its thousands of stars. Following are few notables (out of many others) who either died or living retired lives after serving the country on very important/ major positions.

* Maulana Syed Kiramat Shah- He was one of the greatest scholars of Islam in the area. He is one of the ancestors of Sadaat, a large family living in the Sadaat mohalla of the village. He received his religious education from several Madrassa's in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent. He performed several duties regarding the religious affairs, which included, presiding over the Islamic court of the village and giving decisions, which were unanimously accepted. Furthermore, he also was the Imam, leader of the congregational prayers in mosque, of Sheikhan Masjid. The people of the village used to call him "Maulana Sahib (Honourable scholar)", out of respect. He died in 1957.

* Karamatullah Khan Babar- An upright educationist. He did his Master of Education (MEd) from Leeds University, UK in late 20s. He was the Head of the Education Department, Islamia College when the College had just started functioning. He got retired from the Government of West Pakistan Education Department in 1964. He passed away in 1993 in Islamabad.

* Ghulam Idris Khan- An expert Agricultural scientist, particularly in edible oil production. The first National Coordinator of the Indigenous Olive Oil Production in the country. He has extensively traveled abroad in official business. He has done his research work on oilseed in Brisbane University, Australia, Houston University, USA, Olive Research Institute, Turkey and South Korea National University. He served as Managing Director, Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (1998-2000). Currently serving NWFP as chief of Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

* Dr. Saeed Ullah Khan- A reputable doctor, served in anaesthetic department at different hospitals in UK from 1972-77. He passed diploma in Anaesthesia from London as well as from Dublin. He served as specialist in anaesthesia in Muscat and Sharjah for about 10 years, served in United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM) in 1993-94, also worked as a senior anaesthetist at Fauji Foundation Medical centre Rawalpindi, Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) Peshawar and Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) Peshawar. During this period he learned different blocks, acupuncture, TENS etc and is attached to Pain Relief Centre in UK. Currently he is serving at King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital Taif Saudi Arabia.

* Abdul Jabbar Khan- He was Civil Servant during the RAJ times. Compulsory retired as a Tehsildar. Died in 1980s.

* Abdul Manan Khan -An ex Chief Engineer Tarbela Dam during its construction days as well as being the Chief Engineer Al-Faisal mosque in Islamabad during its construction days. (died in 2005).

* Bashir Khan Babar - Ambassador extraordinair, served as Ambassador of Pakistan in Brazil, Europe, and Australia. He is well known in diplomatic circles as a man of distinction.

* Col Mir Haider Khan (Retd) - First Indian Officer in the British Army, A much respected village Elder, a man of distinction. He served as the last Defence Minister of Kalat State before its annexure to Pakistan. A major landlord of Pirpiai and a notable person of the Babar tribe. He was a man known for his flair and principles. He was an avid antique collector and owned the only Rolls Royce in Pakistan for a number of years. Most remember him as the man that put a face to the village and probably is the architect of making the village what it is today (died in 1973).

* Prof. Anwarullah The First Mathematician of the province as he received his Master in Mathematics Degree in 1956 in the first batch of Mathematics Department, Peshawar University. Later on, he completed his MSc from Georgia University USA. Held key positions in the education department of the province including Director education (Colleges) and Chairman N-W.F.P TextBook Board Peshawar. He is famous for his honest, uprightness and strict administration in the education department.

* Dr. Irshad Ullah Babar- A reputable scientist. One of the few people to have acquired double Ph. D's. Did his Ph. Ds in Maths and Physics. Part of Research in the field of Physics and currently working on presenting his own theory regarding the atomic particles. Residing in USA and Known as Dr Khan in his immediate circle.

* Farouk Adam Khan -The architect of 'The Attock Conspiracy ' son of Maj Gen Adam Khan with the help of his brother Maj Iftikhar Adam hatched a conspiracy in the 1970s to topple the Government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. They were apprehended by the then serving General Zia ul Haque ( later due to a coup that toppled Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became the President of Pakistan & Chief Martial Law Administrator ) and tried in the now famous Attock fort. Thus naming the conspiracy by the same name and sentenced to life imprisonment later commuted to 5 years each which they served. Farouk Adam Khan has also served NAB as Director General.

* Gul Hamid Khan - Famous Film Director and Actor of the subsontinent who died before Independence of Pakistan.

* Haroon Leghari - A noted Politician of the area, Media Personality of Pakistan, Entrepenaur and Social Worker. He is known as BABA e GWADAR for being the man that instigated the Gwadar project in the 1990s by bringing a consortium of funders to the tune of 22.2 Billion US $. This project was later scuttled by Mr. Zardari husband of the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. He is also known to have introduced the concept of satellite Television in Pakistan. In the field of Media is known as a man of vision and has pioneered a number of projects in this field apart from being a Writer, Actor, Producer, Director, and Administrator.

* M.Rafiq Khattak - Ex Regional Chief of United Bank Limited, remained and served in the USA and Qatar.

* Maj Gen (Retd) Adam Khan -A Sandhurst returned army officer. A distinguished General of his time, Head of PIDC, A reputed landlord of Pirpiai. (died in 1973).

* Maj Gen (Retd)Naseer ullah Babar - Former Governor of NWFP,former Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan, former Director General FC.He is known as "Sher -e- Sarhad & Nowshera" for his bravery. He has the honor of having been first PMA cadet also.

* Mir Bashar Khan -An ex Chief Engineer of Mangla Dam, he also supervised many other National projects as Chief Engineer (died in 1984 of cancer).

*Brig Saleem Khan - Brig Saleem Khan of Armoured Corps who got COAS stick after declaring best cadet at PMA, commanded most of the garrisons and bases as commander and after retirement on medical grounds served as GM Fauji Corn Complex jahangira, GM Fauji Foundation LTP Peshawar, Chairman AWT and MD Defence Para Sch. He died of an accident in Sep 1987 and buried in the village.

*Naimatullah Abid - He served as served as DG Audit NWFP, the first pathan Accountant General of Punjab, and Controller General Accounts, Pakistan.

*Saeed Rahman- Graduated from US with distinction in 70's, Saeed is one of the most popular Pakistani Engineer that telecom world (Ericsson & Saudi Telecom) has seen. He has been famous for recruiting Pakistanis in Middle East. He is head of telecom services for entire Middle East region in Ericsson.

*Samin Jan Babar- A Colonel known as double SJ as Samin Jan Sitar e Jurat. As a Civil Servant held a variety of posts. Besides many other important positions acted as Commissioner and Secretary at the same time. Retired in Grade 22.

*Sanaullah Babar- Ex-chief engr(C&W), he made a lot of contribution to the pirpiai development.

*Dr. Shahida Khan- First female physician graduated from Pirpiai in 1972. Practicing in the United States.

*Farhat Ullah Babar- An Engineer by profession. He is one of the most famous freelance journalist of the Pakistan intellectual society. Resigned from civil services under protest in dictatorial regime of Zia-ul-Haq. Held the post of senator. Currently he is spokesman of Pakistan Peoples Party. Known for his knowledge and adherence to strict rules and regulation.

* Jameel Babar- Actor in Pushto and Urdu Movies. Famous for his negative roles in the pushto movies. Has a large number of fans. Worked in over 500 movies and currently residing in Pirpiai.

* Brig. Pervaiz khalid- He is currently serving as Director General (ANTINORCOTICS, NORTH) & also served as a Director Military Intelligence.

* Rafaqat Ullah Babar- He Did CA (Chartered Accountant) in 1980 & Become a first CA in NWFP. He is very famous as an Economic Analyist in Pakistan. He has his own Accountany firm in Peshawar & running Khyber Commerce College Peshawar & ICMS & shares in IQRA UNIVERSITY.

* Ifthikhar Babar- He did MSC Economics from Peshawar University in 1974, he is now serving as BPS 21 Additional Secretary Establishment, Islamabad.

*Chaman khan Babar (PCS): His service of Provincial Civil Service covered as Revenue Officer, Treasury Officer, Magistrate, Assistant Commissioner, Instructor PCS Academy, Director PCS Academy and retired as Deputy Commissioner

*Alamzeb Khan:Mr Alamzeb Baber, Retd from Army Aviation as Major. He immigrated to Canada and started his career by getting licenses in aviation industry as fixed wing and Rotary wing pilot. He further advanced his qualifications and did his CHRP (Human Resources Management), with Roll of Honor for his excellent performance, and since then is working in the same designation.He is currently residing in Toronto with his family.

*Mrs Anjuman Maqsood:Mrs Anjuman Maqsood is the second female scientist to have risen from this area.She is the Daughter of a brave soldier, Subedar Major Ghulam Jan Babar who was recruited during second World war and won the 'indian medal of origin'.


External links

* http://www.pirpiai.com, A webpage dedicated to the People of pirpiai.

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