In the mathematical field of knot theory, the unlink is a link that is equivalent (under ambient isotopy) to finitely many disjoint circles in the plane.
* An "n"-component link "L" ⊂ S3 is an unlink if and only if there exists "n" disjointly embedded discs "D""i" ⊂ S3 such that "L" = ∪"i"∂"D""i".
* A link with one component is an unlink if and only if it is isotopic to the unknot.
* The Hopf link is a simple example of a link with two components that is not an unlink.
* The Borromean rings form a link with three components that is not an unlink; however, any two of the rings considered on their own do form a two-component unlink.
* Kanenobu has shown that for all "n" > 1 there exists a hyperbolic link of "n" components such that any proper sublink is an unlink. The Whitehead link and Borromean rings are such examples for "n" = 2, 3.

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