Infobox Album
Name = Anyway
Type = Album
Artist = Family
Released = November 1970
Recorded = Fairfields Hall and Olympic Sound Studio, London
Genre = Rock / Progressive rock
Length = 39:57
Label = Reprise Records (UK), United Artists Records (U.S.)
Producer = Family for Bradgate Bush, Ltd.
Engineer = George Chkiantz
Last album = A Song For Me
This album = "Anyway"
Next album = Old Songs New Songs
(1971) |

"Anyway" is the fourth album from the British progressive rock band Family. Side one was recorded at a concert at Fairfield Halls in the Croydon section of London; side two was a collection of studio recordings.


Side One: Fairfield Halls, Croydon

*Roger Chapman - vocals and percussion
*Charlie Whitney - electric and acoustic guitars, bass on track 2
*John Weider - acoustic guitar, bass on tracks 1 and 4, violin on tracks 2 and 4
*Poli Palmer - percussion, keyboards, and vibes
*Rob Townsend - drums and percussion

Side Two: Olympic Studios

*Roger Chapman - vocals and percussion
*Charlie Whitney - guitars, bass on track 2
*John Weider - bass and violin
*Poli Palmer - piano, vibes, drums and percussion
*Rob Townsend - drums and percussion

Track listing

:Side One

#"Good News Bad News" – 8:06
#"Willow Tree" – 4:40
#"Holding the Compass" – 4:28
#"Strange Band" (Whitney/Chapman/Williamson) – 3:35

:Side Two

# Part of the Load – 4:41
# Anyway – 3:28
# Normans (Palmer/Weider) – 4:22
# Lives and Ladies – 6:37

(All selections by Whitney/Chapman except where noted.)

The album

"Anyway" was a stopgap album between "A Song For Me" and "Fearless", evenly divided between a concert side and a studio side. The record was originally meant to be a double live album, but the band felt the available recordings weren't up to par; the Fairfield Halls performances here were meant to satisfy fans who wanted an example of their concert work on disc. Apart from a studio recording of "Strange Band" issued on an EP, none of the songs performed live, in fact, had ever been released in any form.

The concert recordings perfectly caught the thunder of Family live, with fiery performances of "Good News Bad News," a scathing indictment of upper-class control of the masses, and the cryptic "Strange Band" that offered up some of Charlie Whitney's heaviest guitar riffs and Roger Chapman's nastiest vocals. By contrast, the band featured a tender performance of the ballad "Willow Tree" and a crisp take on the folk-rock tune "Holding The Compass." Poli Palmer concentrates mainly on vibraphone, and Townsend displays an array of drum patterns.

Side two finds Family experimenting with different instruments and arrangements that, as always, tries to break new ground rather than rely on previous innovations. "Part of the Load," about touring America, displays descriptive lyrics against a tough bass line and a shuffling drum pattern. The title song experiments with exotic percussion, and the instrumental "Normans" is an unconventional waltz track. "Lives And Ladies" closes "Anyway" with an antiwar message and a tight band performance.

Much of what Family achieved on "Anyway" laid the groundwork for their next album, "Fearless."


Family's single "In My Own Time" was added to the American edition of "Anyway" when it was released by United Artists Records in 1971.

Chart positions

*Highest chart position (UK) - #7
*Highest chart position (U.S.) - did not chart

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