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Whizzer and Chips

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"Whizzer and Chips" was a British comic that ran from the issues dated 18 October 1969 to 27 October 1990, when it merged with "Buster". The format of the comic was a new idea at the time, as the comic was divided into two parts; one called "Whizzer" and one called "Chips", which was a pull-out section in the middle.The slogan was "Two comics in one, double the fun!"

One concept was that the two comics were fierce rivals. A guest appearance by one character in the story of another would be described as a "raid", and the "victimised" comic would seek its revenge with a "raid" of its own the following week.

In common with most British comics both sections originally included some semi-colour strips in black, white and red (duotone) as well as black and white. To reinforce the distinction between the two sections, the duotone strips in "Chips" were later changed to black,white and blue.

Readers were encouraged to become either a "Whizz-Kid" or a "Chip-ite", depending on which section they read. The leader of the Whizz-Kids throughout was a boy called Sid with his snake Slippy, and the leader of the Chip-ites was a boy called Shiner, who had aspirations to become a boxer. Both had their own strips in their respective sections, "Sid's Snake" in "Whizzer" and "Shiner" in "Chips". Other characters throughout the comic's 21 year run included:


* "Belle Tent"
* "Champ"
* "Doodle"
* "Joker" (from "Knockout")
* "Lazy Bones"
* "Memory Banks"
* "Mystery Museum"
* "Odd Ball"
* "Sid's Snake"
* "Slowcoach"
* "Store Wars"
* "Strange Hill"
* "Sweet Tooth"
* "Sweeny Toddler" (from "Whoopee!")
* "The 12½p Buytonic Boy" (from "Krazy")
* "The Bumpkin Billionaires" (from "Whoopee!")
* "Timothy Tester"
* "Tiny Tycoon"
* "Toy Boy" (from "Whoopee!")
* "Whizz Wheels"


* "Bewitched Belinda"
* "Beat your Neighbour" (from "Knockout")
* "Bookworm" (from "Whoopee!")
* "Bottom Of The Class"
* "Boy Boss" (from "Whoopee!")
* "Buffalo Bill"
* "Calculator Kid" (from "Whoopee!")
* "Creepy Comix" (from "Whoopee!")
* "Footsie the Clown"
* "Fuss Pot" (from "Knockout")
* "Ginger's Tum"
* "Guy Gorilla"
* "Hal's Holdall"
* "Happy Families"
* "Harry's Haunted House"
* "Junior Rotter"
* "Loser"
* "Lucky Dick"
* "Mustapha Million" (from "Whoopee!")
* "Phil Fitt"
* "Percy's Pets"
* "Police Dog and Cat Burglar"
* "Sammy Shrink" (from "Knockout")
* "Shiner"
* "Super Dad"
* "Town Tarzan"
* "The Krazy Gang" (from "Krazy")
* "The Slimms" (from "Cor!!")
* "Wear Em Out Wilf""Knockout" merged with "Whizzer and Chips" in 1973, followed by "Krazy" in 1978 and "Whoopee!" in 1985.

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