Severn River (New South Wales)

Severn River (New South Wales)

The Severn River is a river in the north of New South Wales, Australia.

The Severn River rises on the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales just north of Glen Innes and is wholly in NSW. It flows north-west and eventually joins the MacIntyre River. The river flows to the Pindari Dam which is located on it south-east of Ashford through Kwaimbal National Park and then into Macintyre River. The Beardy Waters is a tributary of the Severn River.

Excellent fishing can be found all the way along this river. The Severn River is regularly stocked with native fingerlings, Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

A rare plant, the Severn River Heath-myrtle is restricted to the Severn River Nature Reserve and an adjacent property, about 60km north-west of Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands.

The Severn River Rail Bridge on the now disused Main North Railway Line, 6km west-south-west of Dundee has been placed on the Register of the National Estate. This bridge consists of a series of timber trusses completed in 1886 and is long, with fifteen spans totalling 159 metres. When completed it was the longest timber truss bridge in Australia. There is another Severn River, located in Queensland and is about 60 kilometres north of this Severn River. Its waters also flow to the Macintyre River. [Readers Digest Guide to Australian Places, Readers Digest, Sydney]

The double naming is attributed to early explorers of the region.


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