"Rumble may refer to:


*Darren Rumble, a retired professional ice hockey defenseman


*"Rumble" (song), an instrumental rock song by Link Wray
*Rumble Fish (group), a Korean rock band
*"rumble fish", Do As Infinity's fifth single
*"Rumble Fish" is the seventh track from Sevendust's album Home
*Rumble measurement, carried out on turntables (for vinyl recordings)


*Rumble (Transformers), a "Transformers" character
*"Rumble Box", a freeware computer game
*Rumble, a nickname for the haptic feedbackvibration feature found in most video game controllers
*Rumble Pak, a Nintendo game controller add-on
*"Rumble Roses", a PlayStation 2 game
*Rumble, a puzzle in "Puzzle Pirates"


*"Borborygmus", the medical term for the noise sometimes heard from the stomach, which people normally refer to as "rumbling" or "growling"
*"Royal Rumble", an annual WWE professional wrestling event
*"Rumble in the Jungle", a famous boxing match between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman
*"Rumble", term meaning a street fight
*Rumble (noise), a form of white noise
*Rumble (Transformers), a fictional character in the Transformers universes
*Rumble seat, an open exterior automobile seat
*Rumble strip, a road safety feature
*"Rumble in the Bronx", a film starring Jackie Chan
*"Rumble", the Philadelphis Slamball team

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