HMS Alamein (D17)

HMS Alamein (D17)

HMS "Alamein" (D17) was a Later or 1943 Battle-class fleet destroyer of the British Royal Navy. She was named in honour of the Battle of El Alamein, which took place in 1942 during the Second World War, between Commonwealth forces and the German Afrika Korps.

"Alamein" was built by R. & W. Hawthorn, Leslie & Company Limited on the Tyne. She was launched on 12 May 1945 and commissioned on the on 20 March 1946.

In 1946, "Alamein" joined the 4th Destroyer Squadron, part of the Home Fleet. In 1948, "Alamein", along with her sister-ship HMS|Barrosa|D68|6, escorted the carrier HMS|Vengeance|R71|6 for exercises in Northern and Home waters, though she did not join the two on their subsequent visit to Northern Ireland.

In 1950, "Alamein" deployed on a Home Fleet Spring Cruise, which included many other vessels, such as HMS|Victorious|R38|6, two other carriers, the battleship HMS|Vanguard|23|6 and many smaller vessels. The group visited the Mediterranean, including stops at Italy, and performed a number of naval exercises and fly-the-flag visits in the region. That same year, "Alamein" decommissioned, being placed in Reserve.

In May 1956, "Alamein", as part of the 4th Destroyer Squadron once more after replacing her sister-ship HMS|Aisne|D22|6, had spells with the Home and Mediterranean Fleets, serving in Suez. In 1958, while in the Pacific, a fire occurred onboard "Alamein". In 1959, "Alamein" was decommissioned and placed in Reserve for the final time, being broken up at Blyth in Northumberland in 1964.

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