HMS Barrosa (D68)

HMS Barrosa (D68)

HMS "Barrosa" (D68) was a later or 1943 Battle-class fleet destroyer of the Royal Navy.


She was named after the Battle of Barrosa, which took place in 1811 between British-Allied forces and France, and which ended in a French defeat. "Barrosa" was built by John Brown & Company. She was launched on the on 17 January 1945 and commissioned on 14 February 1947.


In 1948, "Barrosa" joined the 4th Destroyer Flotilla of the Home Fleet. In 1950, "Barrosa" with one of her sister-ships and the carrier HMS|Vengeance|R71|6, where the small group performed a number of naval exercises and visits to a variety of ports. "Barrosa" was placed in Reserve that same year.

In 1953, "Barrosa" took part in the Coronation Fleet Review at Spithead in honour of the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II. "Barrosa" was positioned in the middle of her sister-ships HMS|Aisne|D22|6 and HMS|Agincourt|D86|6. That same year, "Barrosa" joined the 4th Destroyer Squadron, having spells with the Home and Mediterranean Fleets.


In 1959, "Barrosa" collided with her sister-ship HMS|Corunna|D97|6 in the Atlantic. Later that year, "Barrosa" underwent modification to become a Radar Picket, which the addition of the Sea Cat missile, as well as new AA weaponry and new radar. In 1962, "Barrosa" joined the 8th Destroyer Squadron, based in the Far East, before joining the 24th Escort Squadron. In 1968, "Barrosa" was decommissioned, being broken-up at Blyth in Northumberland in 1978.

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