Brotherhood, with the direct meaning of the state of being a brother come first

* A fraternity, a social organization for undergraduate students
* A sodality in religion
* A Boy Scouts of America Order of the Arrow membership level
* Ahva, a defunct political party in Israel, which translates as "Brotherhood"
* The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic movement

In entertainment:
* In books:
** [ The Brotherhood] is a 1984 book by Stephen Knight in which the author claims to expose the secrets of Freemasonry.
* In video games:
** The "Brotherhood of Nod", a shadowy military organization and arch-nemesis to the Global Defense Initiative in the Command & Conquer computer game series.
** The "Brotherhood of Steel" a technocratic paramilitary organisation in Fallout series
** Brotherhood is the name of the sword given to Tidus by Wakka at the beginning of Final Fantasy X.
* In Music:
** "Brotherhood" (album), an album by New Order.
** "The Brotherhood" (album), an album by Running Wild.
** "Brotherhood" (3T album), an album by the 3T.
** "Brotherhood" (B'z album), an album by Japanese hard rock band B'z
** "Brotherhood" (The Chemical Brothers album), a 2008 compilation album by The Chemical Brothers
** "Brotherhood" (Doobie Brothers album), an album by the Doobie Brothers
** Brotherhood (Band)is the name of a straight edge hardcore band from Washington that boasted a member of Sunny Day Real estate in it.
* In Film and television:
** "The Brotherhood" (film), a movie directed by Martin Ritt featuring Kirk Douglas.
** "The Brotherhood" (film), a movie series by David Decoteau
** "Brotherhood" (2006 TV series), a Showtime show about organized crime and politics in Rhode Island
** "Brotherhood" (2002 TV series), a Chinese TV series set in modern-day Shanghai and Singapore
** "The Brotherhood" (Stargate Atlantis), an episode of the television series "Stargate Atlantis"
** "Brotherhood", a Korean film about the Korean War, also known as "Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War"
* In comics:
** The Brotherhood is a Marvel comic series.
** Brotherhood of Mutants is a Marvel Comics team.

* The Brotherhood (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
* The Brotherhood of Makuta is a Bionicle organization

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*Fraternity (disambiguation)

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