Scharpling & Wurster

Scharpling & Wurster

Scharpling and Wurster is a long-form radio comedy duo comprised of Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster. Scharpling is a writer/producer for the USA network program, "Monk". Wurster is the drummer for indie rock pioneers Superchunk and was also the drummer in The Ascended Masters, Guided by Voices vocalist Robert Pollard's solo touring band. He recently toured as the drummer for The Mountain Goats.

Scharpling is the longtime host of the "Best Show on WFMU" radio program on WFMU in Jersey City, NJ. Wurster calls in as a bevy of characters, including Ronald Thomas Clontle (author of Rock, Rot and Rule), The Gorch (a 63-year-old hoodlum), Philly Boy Roy, Timmy von Trimble (a two-inch racist), Barry Dworkin (singer for the Gas Station Dogs), The Creature (the pompous lead singer of 'Pout'--a band that resembles, but (according to The Creature) is far superior to, KISS), and Corey Harris (of the band Mother 13).

Scharpling and Wurster release their "Best of the Best Show" CDs on Stereolaffs Records, a label they founded in 1999.

Scharpling and Wurster contributed to several episodes of the 2006 season of the Cartoon Network program "Tom Goes to the Mayor". The duo also co-authored the "(Not So) Great Moments in Rock" for Harp Magazine.

Discography (with Scharpling and Wurster)

* "Rock, Rot and Rule" (Stereolaffs, 1999)
* "Chain Fights, Beer Busts and Service with a Grin" (Stereolaffs, 2002)
* "New Hope for the Ape-Eared" (Stereolaffs, 2004)
* "Hippy Justice" (Stereolaffs, 2005)
* "The Art of the Slap" (Stereolaffs, 2007) [ press bio]

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