Sentinel may refer to:


* Border guard, a state agent who controls the security at borders
* Honor guard, a ceremonial escort


* Sentinel, Oklahoma
* Sentinel Island (disambiguation)
* Sentinel Islands, a pair of islands in the Andaman Islands
* Sentinel Range, a mountain range in Antarctica
* Sentinel Secondary School, a school in West Vancouver, British Columbia
* Sentinel Peak (Alberta)
* Sentinel Peak (Antarctica)
* Sentinel Peak (Arizona)
* Sentinel Peak (British Columbia)

* Sentinel (building), an apartment tower in North Shore City, New Zealand


Local newspapers

* "Sierra County Sentinel" (Sierra County, New Mexico), published in Sierra County, New Mexico
* "The Sentinel" (Gauhati), published in Gauhati, Assam, India
* "The Sentinel" (Pennsylvania), published in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
* "The Sentinel" (Stoke-on-Trent), published in Stoke-on-Trent, England
* "The Daily Sentinel" (Texas), based in Nacogdoches, Texas
* "Los Angeles Sentinel", published in Los Angeles, California
* "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel", published in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* "The News-Sentinel", published in Fort Wayne, Indiana
* "Orlando Sentinel", published in Orlando, Florida
* "St. Louis Sentinel", published in St. Louis, Missouri
* "Santa Cruz Sentinel", published in Santa Cruz, California
* "Sun-Sentinel", published in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Broward County
* "The Holland Sentinel", published in Holland, Michigan

tudent publications

* "The Sentinel" (KSU), published by Kennesaw State University
* "The Sentinel" (NIC), published by North Idaho College

Lorries and locomotives

* Sentinel Waggon Works, a British engineering firm that produced lorries and locomotives:
** LMS Sentinels 7160-3
** LMS Sentinel 7164
** LMS Sentinel 7192
** S&DJR Sentinels


* Sentinel tank, an Australian-built World War II Cruiser Tank
* MPQ-64 Sentinel, a radar used by the United States military
* Raytheon Sentinel, an aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and British Army

Media and entertainment

Film and television

* "The Sentinel" (1977 film), a 1977 film based on the Jeffrey Konvitz novel
* La Sentinelle (film), a 1992 film by the French director Arnaud Desplechin
* "The Sentinel" (2006 film), a thriller Directed by Clark Johnson starring Michael Douglas
* "The Sentinel" (TV series), a US television series that ran from 1996 to 1999
* "The Sentinel" (Stargate SG-1), a TV episode
* Sentinel (Beast Wars), a computer in the TV show "Beast Wars"
* A type of robot in the "Matrix" film series


* "The Sentinel" (Pallas album)
* "Sentinel" (Nigel Mazlyn Jones album)
* "Sentinel" (song), by Mike Oldfield
* A song by Judas Priest on their album "Defenders of the Faith"
* A song by Alice Cooper on his album "Dragontown"
* A song by Hilltop Hoods on their album "The Calling"
* A song by At The Throne of Judgment on their album " The Arcanum Order"
* Sentinel Sound, a reggae and dancehall sound system from Stuttgart, Germany


* The Sentinel (anthology), a collection of short stories by Arthur C. Clarke
* "The Sentinel" (short story), a short story by Arthur C. Clarke
* "The Sentinel" (novel), a novel by Jeffrey Konvitz


* Sentinel (comics), a group of mutant-hunting robots in the Marvel universe
* "Sentinel" (comic book), a comic book series
* Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who used the alias "Sentinel" at one point.
* Gundam Sentinel, a manga


* The Sentinel (computer game), a 1986 game created by Geoff Crammond
* The Sentinel (module), an adventure module for "Dungeons & Dragons"
* A 1984 computer game created by Bryan Brandenburg
* A 2004 computer game published by Detalion
* A vehicle in the "Warhammer 40,000" universe
* Two character classes in the Bioware games and Mass Effect
* A Forerunner Guard robot in the "Halo" Trilogy
* A car in the GTA Series games from GTA 3 onwards
* Sentinel Beach, a location in the video game
* One of the two teams in Defense of the Ancients

Other meanings

* Sentinel HC, a book publisher
* Sentinel (computer science)
* Sentinel (sculpture)
* Animal sentinels, which give early indications to environmental hazards
* Sentinel, Series of ESA funded Earth Observation satellites

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