Infobox Album
Name = Trickle
Type = Album
Artist = Olive

Released = May 30, 2000
Recorded = The Tree House, Derbyshire; Britannia Row, London; Area 21, London; The Square Centre, Nottingham
Genre = Trip hop
Length = 59:05
Label = Maverick
Producer = Tim Kellett, Roger Lyons, Peter John Vettesse
Reviews =
* Metacritic score: 66/100 [ link]
Last album = "Extra Virgin"
This album = "Trickle"
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"Trickle" is the second and final album to date from English trip hop band Olive.


Following the band's debut album "Extra Virgin" and a subsequent promotional tour, keyboard programmer Robin Taylor-Firth left the band. Also during this time the UK arm of record label RCA lost interest in supporting the band; as a result, Olive was dropped from the RCA roster.cite web | author = Jung, Fred | year = | url = | title = A Fireside Chat with Olive | format = | work = | publisher = Jazz Weekly | accessdate = 2006-08-18 | accessyear = ]

By this time, the follow-up album had been completed, including a cover of the 1975 UK number-one single "I'm Not in Love" by 10cc (chosen partially as an attempt to obtain better favour with RCA). However, Olive then signed with Maverick Records, after reportedly being discovered by label founder Madonna when she attended one of their concerts in Germany; initially, the band were recruited for a contribution to the soundtrack to the Madonna film "The Next Best Thing", and a recording contract resulted from the contact.cite web | author = Ball, Joann D. | year = | url = | title = Olive, "Trickle" | format = | work = | publisher = Consumable Online | accessdate = 2006-08-18 | accessyear = ]

"I'm Not in Love" became the band's contribution to the February 2000-released soundtrack, and "Trickle" was subsequently released in May; "I'm Not in Love" then also became the lead single (and only single) released from the album in June.

Track listing

All songs written by Tim Kellett except where otherwise noted.

# "Love Affair" – 3:58
# "Trickle" – 4:56
# "I'm Not in Love" (Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart) – 4:40
# "Smile" (Peter John Vettesse, Kellett, Ruth-Ann Boyle) – 4:22
# "All You Ever Needed" (Kellett, Boyle) – 4:25
# "Indulge Me" (Kellett, Boyle) – 4:08
# "Speak to Me" – 4:06
# "Liberty" – 4:17
# "Push" – 4:45
# "Trust You" (Kellett, Boyle) – 3:49
# "Creature of Comfort" – 4:05
# "Beyond the Fray" – 4:20
# "Take My Hand" (Kellett, Boyle, Tony Foster) (hidden track)


Olive are:
* Ruth-Ann Boyle – vocals
* Tim Kellettkeyboards, trumpet, flugelhorn

Other musicians:
* Guy Davie – mastering
* Mark "Tufty" Evans – mix engineer
* Tony Fosteracoustic guitar, electric guitar
* Robin Guthrie – guitar
* Ian Kirkham – EWI
* Vinnie Lammi – drums
* Roger Lyons – programming, additional keyboards
* Wil Malone – string arrangements
* James McNichol – assistant engineer
* Vini Reilly – guitar
* Steve SidwellNyman Orchestra arrangements

Ian Kirkham was a member of Simply Red alongside Kellett (and remains a member to date). Vini Reilly is the leader of The Durutti Column, which Kellett played in during the 1980s.

Notes and references

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.


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