British South American Airways

British South American Airways

__NOTOC__British South American Airways (BSAA) or British South American Airways Corporation was a British state-run airline of the 1940s. Originally named British Latin American Air Lines (BLAIR) it was split off from British Overseas Airways Corporation to operate their South Atlantic routes. It commenced transatlantic services in March 1946, with a BSAA plane making the first operational flight from London Heathrow Airport.

The airline operated mostly Avro aircraft: Yorks, Lancastrians and Tudors, and flew to Bermuda, the West Indies and the western coast of South America.

BSAA was planning to introduce de Havilland Comet jet airliners, but in 1949 it was merged back into BOAC.

During its short existence BSAA seems to have suffered more than its fair share of mysterious accidents. The loss without trace of the Tudors "Star Tiger" and "Star Ariel" have often been quoted to validate the existence of a mystery zone in the Bermuda Triangle, and the loss of the Lancastrian "Star Dust" in the Andes after sending a partly unreadable radio message has been named the STENDEC incident. The discovery in 2000 of the wreckage of "Star Dust" appears to indicate a perfectly mundane accident.

List of aircraft

Avro Lancastrian

* Avro 691 Lancastrian 2
** G-AKMW "Star Bright"
** G-AKTB "Star Glory"

* Avro 691 Lancastrian 3
** G-AGWG "Star Light"
** G-AGWH "Star Dust"
** G-AGWI "Star Land"
** G-AGWJ "Star Glow"
** G-AGWK "Star Trail"
** G-AGWL "Star Guide"
** G-AHCD "Star Valley"

* Avro 691 Lancastrian 4
** G-AKFF "Star Flight"
** G-AKFG "Star Traveller"

* Avro Lancaster Freighter
** G-AGUJ "Star Pilot"
** G-AGUK "Star Gold"
** G-AGUL "Star Watch"
** G-AGUM "Star Ward"

Avro Tudor

* Avro Tudor Freighter 1
** G-AGRG "Star Cressida"
** G-AGRH (not named)

* Avro 688 Tudor 4 and 4B
** G-AGRE "Star Ariel"
** G-AGRF (not named)
** G-AHNI "Star Olivia"
** G-AHNJ "Star Panther"
** G-AHNK "Star Lion"
** G-AHNN "Star Leopard"
** G-AHNP "Star Tiger"

* Avro 689 Tudor 5
** G-AKBZ "Star Falcon"
** G-AKCA "Star Hawk"
** G-AKCB "Star Kestrel"
** G-AKCC "Star Swift"
** G-AKCD "Star Eagle"

Avro York

* Avro York
** G-AGJA "Star Fortune"
** G-AGJE "Star Way"
** G-AGNN "Star Crest"
** G-AGNS "Star Glory"
** G-AGNU "Star Dawn"
** G-AGNX "Lima"
** G-AGOC "Star Path"
** G-AHEW "Star Leader"
** G-AHEX "Star Venture"
** G-AHEY "Star Quest"
** G-AHEZ "Star Speed"
** G-AHFA "Star Dale"
** G-AHFB "Star Stream"
** G-AHFC "Star Dew"
** G-AHFD "Star Mist"
** G-AHFE "Star Vista"
** G-AHFF "Star Gleam"
** G-AHFG "Star Haze"
** G-AHFH "Star Glitter"

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