Vungwi Primary School

Vungwi Primary School

Vungwi Primary School, can also be written as Vhungwi and also pronounced as Vhumbwi is a primary school in Shurugwi, Zimbabwe. The school was built in 1905 making it one of the oldest schools in Zimbabwe. It is along the road between Cha Cha Cha Township or, Donga Town Ship and Tongogara High School in Shurugwi Rural Areas under the chieftainship of Chief Nhema.The school was known for its academic excellency during the late 80s and early 90s when it was used to attain a pass rate of 100% on the national grade 7 examinations set by the Ministry of Education, Zimbabwe. During this time it was believed to be among the top 10 schools in the country besides the fact that it was a rural school. At the same time the school used to be very good in soccer, singing and also Dumbells. The school enjoyed massive developments and improvements under the guidance of now the late Solomon A.A. Mantonsi who was the headmaster at the school for more than 20 years.

Life after Vungwi (after Grade 7)

Most graduating pupils after complete their grade 7, go to Pakame Mission, Dadaya Mission, Tongogara High School, Hanke Mission and many other schools all over the country. Pupils from poor family who can not afford boarding school fees goes to the nearby secondary schools such as Mupangayi Secondary School and Rusununguko Secondary School where they see most of their childhood dreams vanish. The school is also known for its highly disciplined pupils and tidyness. Volley ball was introduced at the school in 1987, however lack of sponsorship shows this sport disappeared. It is also a Methodist run school, Pakame Mission, Tumba Primary School the little Wida Primary School are the sister schools. The most well known headmaster who helped in the establishment of a strict regime at Vungwi Primary School is Mr Matonsi. Ever since his death Vungwi primary school has not been the same. During his era as headmaster, Vungwi used to come as one of the top primary schools in Midlands, playing second only to Bata Primary School from Gweru.

chool Size

The school remain one of the biggest schools with average students of 800 per year out of 21 classes with an average of 3 classes per grade. The school has recently been electrified. It is about 30km (18 miles) from Shurugwi town and 10 km from TongogaraHigh School and Growth Point. It is only 3 km from Cha Cha Cha Town Ship.

ports and other activities

Mainly Football (Soccer) and netball are the two major sporting actives at the school. Athletics and volley ball are also found but to a lesser extend. There is a terraced agricultural garden at the school where each class have a plot to grow vegetables for sale, however most products find their way to the houses of the teachers.

Water Supply

In 1985, the Japanese company sank a borehole on the area. The sister school, or the secondary school is called Mupangayi Secondary School which was initially called Vungwi Secondary School, only 2 km away East along the Tongogara road. The school was named after the tribe name, the Dubes from the surrounding areas who lost a considerable land to accommodate the school. There is also well generally known as mugodhi in shona at the school's garden which is probably as old as the school itself. Of late the District Development Fund sank a lot of boreholes around Vungwi.

Rural Electrification Program

The school benefited from the Rural Electrification Program but remains largely dark due to power shortages in Zimbabwe.

tudent Demographics

Many students are from Furusa, Marira, Murashiki, Mbengo Maveza, Mandiziva, Mhuri and Chikomo Villages. Due to the quality of education provided at this school, most pupils travel longer distances to school. Some pupils shun their closest schools in favour of Vungwi Primary School. Others in fact bypass smaller schools such as Wida Primary School on their way to Vungwi Primary.

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