Temenggung or Temenggong is an ancient Malay title of nobility, usually given to the chief of public security. The Temenggung is usually responsible for the safety of the monarch as well as the state police and army. The office was usually a stepping stone to the higher title of "Bendahara", or prime minister.

In the Sultanate of Johor, the Temenggung was of the head of state between 1760 and 1873. The full rendition was "Temenggung Seri Maharaja". Although the Temenggung was the head of the state's administration, the Temenggung held the kingdom of Johor and Singapore by virtue of his being a vassal of the sultan, who resided in Riau. During that time, the sultan was practically a puppet. In 1873, "Temenggung" Abu Bakar declared himself as a maharaja and become an independent ruler. In 1885, he assumed the title of sultan.

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* Bendahara
* Laksamana
* Penghulu Bendahari
* Syahbandar

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