Jaffa characters in Stargate

Jaffa characters in Stargate

This is a list of Jaffa characters appearing on the television series "Stargate SG-1". The Jaffa are a fictional race who are genetically engineered from humans by the Goa'uld, to serve as their soldiers and as incubators for their young.


Former First Prime of Apophis and founder of the Jaffa Rebellion, Teal'c is one of the most important Jaffa of all time. After having betrayed his master, he became a member of SG-1 and played a large part in the eventual foundation of the Free Jaffa Nation.

Recurring characters


Tony Amendola played Bra'tac [ˈbɹeɪˌtæk] , one of the most frequently recurring characters on "Stargate SG-1". Bra'tac is Teal'c's former Jaffa master, teacher, and friend as well as the former First Prime of the System Lord Apophis. Once he realized that the Goa'uld were not gods, he renounced his loyalty to them and began a quest to rid the galaxy of the them. When he is introduced in season 1's "Bloodlines", he is initially suspicious of the humans, particularly O'Neill. This dynamic is played out somewhat comically, but Bra'tac slowly learns to trust and respect humans.Cite journal | last=Eramo | first=Steven | author-link= | title=Tony, Tony | journal=TV Zone | issue=Special #46 | pages=10–11 | year=2002 | date=July 2002 | url=] Bra'tac is over 133 years of age. [
* Bra'tac in season 1's "Bloodlines": "Not bad for a man of 133."
* Bra'tac in season 3's "Into the Fire": "In too great a number for an old man of 135."
* Bra'tac in season 5's "Threshold": "Twice, in my 137 years."

In seasons 1 and 2, Bra'tac helps to save Teal'c's son, Rya'c from several threats and becomes a guardian to him. During a mission to find the Harcesis child (Shifu) on Kheb in season 3's "Maternal Instinct", Bra'tac is presented with the idea of Ascension but in the end decides against this possibility for himself. In season 6's "The Changeling", Bra'tac and Teal'c are badly wounded during a Jaffa meeting and lose their symbiotes, surviving only by taking the new drug Tretonin. Bra'tac is a main contributor to the Jaffa Resistance, a rebellion aimed at overthrowing the Goa'uld and establishing the freedom of all Jaffa. At the end of Season 8, Bra'tac and Teal'c convince the other members of the Jaffa Rebellion to attack Dakara in an ultimately successful mission. The Jaffa obtain freedom, and Bra'tac receives a position of honor. Bra'tac becomes a leader of the Progressive faction of the High Council of the Free Jaffa Nation, the governing body of the new Free Jaffa Nation but he still stays loyal to the SGC. Some time after the destruction of Dakara by the Ori, leaders of the Free Jaffa Nation meet to consider the future, but Bra'tac and Teal'c are badly injured during an ambush by a former enemy of Teal'c. When they get nursed back at the SGC, Bra'tac tells Teal'c that he is like a son to him.


Drey'auc of the Cordai Plains, played by Salli Richardson and Brook Parker, is introduced in "Bloodlines" as Teal'c's wife and mother to Rya'c. Drey'auc remains a loyal follower of Apophis even after Teal'c had defected to the Tau'ri. She works diligently to restore Apophis's faith in her and her son so that the prim'tah ritual could be performed when Rya'c reaches the age of prata, or puberty."Bloodlines" ("Stargate SG-1")] Unable to support herself and her son, Drey'auc is forced to marry the Jaffa Fro'tak for financial and political security, but Fro'tak betrays them to Apophis when he notices that she had never stopped loving Teal'c. Shortly after saving Earth from a virulent plague hidden by Apophis within Rya'c's false teeth, she and Rya'c take refuge in the Land of Light, far from Goa'uld oppression."Family" ("Stargate SG-1")] Eventually, Drey'auc and Rya'c move to a Jaffa rebel camp, where her unwillingness to obtain a new symbiote to replace her matured one, at the cost of another Jaffa's life, leads to her death. She is cremated by her former husband, Teal'c."Redemption" ("Stargate SG-1")]


Gerak, portrayed by Louis Gossett, Jr., is the former First Prime of Montu. He is first mentioned in the episode "Avalon, Part 2", and appears one episode later in "Origin". He becomes the first leader of the Free Jaffa Nation due to his controlling the largest Jaffa military assets."Avalon, Part II" ("Stargate SG-1")] As the leader of the traditionalist faction, he is the political rival of Teal'c and his progressives on the High Council. He firmly believes in freedom for all Jaffa, and is hesitant to form an alliance with Earth. Gerak also attempts to bring all former System Lords to justice."Origin" ("Stargate SG-1")] Several weeks later, Gerak helps SG-1 in fighting an Ori plan to construct a Supergate, but they inadvertently aid the Ori. Two of Gerak's ships are destroyed when the first Supergate components arrive from the Ori galaxy, forcing Gerak to flee."Beachhead" ("Stargate SG-1")] Gerak's forces are able to capture Ba'al and execute him before the Council, scoring a big moral victory for the traditionalists, but it turns out that this was only a clone of Ba'al, and the real Ba'al remains at large."Ex Deus Machina" ("Stargate SG-1")] Originally a firm opponent of the Ori, Gerak becomes convinced by a Prior that Origin should be the goal of all Jaffa. Gerak is transformed into a Prior, but Teal'c eventually reminds him of his true convictions. Gerak sacrifices his life to give the SGC a cure for the Prior Plague, knowing that the Ori loyalty failsafe would immolate him after. His final words are, "If I help you I shall die, but I shall die free"."The Fourth Horseman" ("Stargate SG-1")]


Haikon, played by Tony Todd, is the leader of the Sodan people on P9G-844, where he worshipped the Ancients and spent most of his life in search of Ascension. After a visit by an Ori Prior, he instructs the Sodan to switch their spiritual beliefs from the Ancients to the Ori. He also presides over the ritual duel of "kel shak lo" between Mitchell and the Sodan warrior Jolan."Babylon" ("Stargate SG-1")] Ordered to attack defenseless farmers in the name of the Ori, Haikon begins to question the Ori's worthiness as gods and finally renounces Origin. He collaborates with SG-1 to capture a Prior and find a cure against the Prior's plague."The Fourth Horseman" ("Stargate SG-1")] Haikon makes his last appearance in "Arthur's Mantle", where he is severely wounded by an undead Sodan, Vol'nek. Haikon's symbiote dies, but SG-12 offers him tretonin."Arthur's Mantle" ("Stargate SG-1")]


Herak, played by Michael Adamthwaite, is introduced in "The Other Guys" as the First Prime of Khonsu, a Tok'ra spy posing as a minor Goa'uld serving Anubis. Herak kills Khonsu when he discovers this treachery."The Other Guys" ("Stargate SG-1")] Becoming the First Prime of Anubis afterwards, he is charged with obtaining the Eye of Ra from Abydos for his master, but SG-1 are faster."Full Circle" ("Stargate SG-1")] Herak is sent to Langara in "Homecoming" to locate a device that is vital to deciphering the instability of the element naqahdria. When this fails as well, he escapes through the Stargate."Homecoming" ("Stargate SG-1")] Herak is presumed to have been killed aboard Anubis's ship in "Lost City" when SG-1 use the Ancient Drone Weapons buried beneath the ice of Antarctica to destroy Anubis's attacking mothership in Earth's orbit."Lost City" ("Stargate SG-1")]


Jolene Blalock played Ishta (meaning beloved or "greatest one" in Sanskrit), the leader of the Hak'tyl Jaffa and a love interest of Teal'c. Her former position as the Goa'uld Moloc's temple high priestess enabled her for years to secretly bring many girls to another world named Hak'tyl; Moloc would have killed the newborn Jaffa girls as needless otherwise. Ishta first appears in "Birthright" where the Hak'tyl ask the Tau'ri for an alliance, and the drug Tretonin seems like a solution to the Hak'tyl's symbiote problems. Ishta kisses Teal'c goodbye when she leaves Earth."Birthright"] Ishta reappears one year later in "Sacrifices" where she approaches Teal'c to help her kill Moloc. When the female resistance is forced to evacuate to SGC, until they find a new homeworld."Sacrifices"]


Ka'lel, played by Simone Bailly, is a female Jaffa warrior formerly under the service of Moloc. When SG-1 first meet her in "Birthright", she is involved with the Hak'tyl resistance movement under Ishta to fight Moloc."Birthright" ("Stargate SG-1")] Ka'lel becomes a representative for the Hak'tyl in the newly-formed Jaffa High Council in the Free Jaffa Nation in season 9. She informs Teal'c and Cameron Mitchell about Gerak's troop movements on Earth during his search for the former System Lord Ba'al."Ex Deus Machina" ("Stargate SG-1")] As a member of the Council's Progressive faction, Ka'lel initally supports Teal'c's attempts to replace the Council by a democratically elected government, but Ba'al brainwashes into changing her opinion."Stronghold" ("Stargate SG-1")]


Played by Kevan Ohtsji, Oshu is the First Prime of the System Lord Yu and makes his first appearance in "Fallen". Despite his knowledge that Yu's judgment has been compromised by old age, Oshu remains loyal to his master. Yu's slow deterioration causes Oshu to start believing that even "gods" cannot live forever."Fallen" ("Stargate SG-1")] Oshu follows his master's orders and is forced to confine Teal'c to a cell. Teal'c eventually convinces Oshu to bypass Yu for the greater good, and the two seek out Ba'al to assume overall command against Anubis, with Oshu commanding Yu's fleet in his master's name. Oshu later visits the SGC when the System Lords chose to negotiate a treaty with the Tau'ri, speaking for Yu in the negotiations. He convinces Dr. Weir that Yu had nothing to do with sending a mothership to Earth, and suggests that they be let go to fight Ba'al and if necessary, die with honor."New Order" ("Stargate SG-1")] Oshu is last seen when Replicator Carter stabs Yu to death at the beginning of the Replicator invasion of the Milky Way. Oshu is presumed to have perished as well."Reckoning" ("Stargate SG-1")]


Rak'nor, played by Obi Ndefo, is a Jaffa warrior. His father burned the Goa'uld symbol off Rak'nor's forehead in the belief that Teal'c's rebellion against the false gods would soon free all Jaffa. However, Rak'nor witnessed the execution of his father for this action, and he subsequently fell into the service of the Goa'uld Heru-ur. At the time of sgcite|The Serpent's Venom, Heru-ur is attempting to negotiate an alliance with Apophis and orders Rak'nor to capture Teal'c, Apophis' former First Prime, as a sign of good will towards Apophis. Rak'nor is present for much of Teal'c's torture, but he is swayed to join Teal'c's cause after seeing his strength. Rak'nor and Teal'c escape in a Death Glider moments before Heru-ur's ship is destroyed by Apophis.sgcite|The Serpent's Venom|show=ref] Rak'nor subsequently becomes a leader amongst the rebel Jaffa. He joins the ranks of Kytano's rebel army before he is exposed as a power-hungry Goa'uld,sgcite|The Warrior|show=ref] and is present at the Alpha Site when an Ashrak attempts to sow mistrust between the rebel Jaffa and the Tok'ra.sgcite|Allegiance|show=ref] Rak'nor later joins Teal'c and SG-1 on a mission to free Bra'tac and Rya'c from Erebus.sgcite|Orpheus|show=ref] Since the collapse of the Goa'uld order and the emergence of the Free Jaffa Nation, Rak'nor is one of Teal'c and Bra'tac's allies among the progressives, and even serves as Teal'c's proxy in High Council votes.sgcite|Avalon|show=ref]


Rya'c, played by Neil Denis, is the son of Teal'c and his late wife Drey'auc. After Teal'c defects to Earth, Rya'c and his mother are forced to live as pariahs. At 12, Drey'auc begs the priests to give her son a symbiote, but Teal'c interrupts the ceremony. Rya'c's illness causes Teal'c to reconsider. [cite episode| episodelink= Bloodlines (Stargate SG-1)| title=Bloodlines| series= Stargate SG-1| serieslink=Stargate SG-1] Apophis captures Rya'c and brainwashes him into publicly denouncing his father. SG-1 rescue him and bring him and Drey'auc back to Earth, and Teal'c has to shoot him with the zat to break the conditioning. [cite episode| episodelink=Family (Stargate SG-1)| title=Family| series= Stargate SG-1| serieslink=Stargate SG-1] Rya'c grows up under the tutelage of Bra'tac and is taught the ways of the Jaffa. After Drey'auc dies, Teal'c allows Rya'c to go on a mission to save Earth from Anubis, and Rya'c saves the day. [cite episode| episodelink=Redemption (Stargate SG-1)| title=Redemption| series= Stargate SG-1| serieslink=Stargate SG-1] Trying to recruit more allies for the Jaffa rebellion, Ryac and Bra'tac are captured on Erebus, a Jaffa penal colony, but Rya'c helps spread the word among the prisoners to revolt. [cite episode| episodelink= Orpheus (Stargate SG-1)| title=Orpheus| series= Stargate SG-1| serieslink=Stargate SG-1] In his last appearance in "SG-1", Rya'c has fallen in love with Kar'yn, a female Hak'tyl warrior. Teal'c opposes the union at first as he thinks them too young, but the wedding finally takes place with Teal'c's blessing. [cite episode| episodelink=Sacrifices (Stargate SG-1)| title=Sacrifices| series= Stargate SG-1| serieslink=Stargate SG-1]


Yat'Yir, played by Gardiner Millar, is a Free Jaffa formerly in the service of Montu and a member of the Jaffa High Council. He is a trusted aide of the Jaffa leader Gerak. Earth makes first contact with him in "Origin" where Yat'Yir accompanies Gerak to a meeting with General Landry on Earth. The hopes for an eventual treaty between Earth and the new Free Jaffa Nation appear to be in vain when Yat'Yir distrusts Teal'c and openly challenges him during table discussions."Origin" ("Stargate SG-1")] As part of Gerak's setup search team to find Ba'al on Earth, Yat'Yir personally conducts a raid on the surface and later threatens the "Prometheus" when his Ha'tak is discovered behind Earth's Moon. Yat'Yir expresses his concerns about Gerak's proposal to worship the Ori and Origin, as he had lost a cousin at Kallana. Yat'Yir is later present when Gerak addresses the Jaffa High Council about the benefits of converting to Origin as a transformed Prior. Yat'Yir remains a member of the High Council after Gerak's death, and is present for the referendum that will eventually transform the new Jaffa nation into a democracy.

Minor characters

*Adal (played by Craig Erickson) Rebel Jaffa in the ranks of the minor Goa'uld Ramius, from "Evolution, Part I".
*Arkad (played by Craig Fairbrass) The founder of the Illac Renin, Jaffa who worship the Ori. In "Talion", he sends assassins to bomb a meeting of free Jaffa, and is believed to be stockpiling naqahdah for an attack on Earth. When he was a First Prime, his family was killed by Apophis' forces under Teal'c, and in return he ordered the murder of Teal'c's mother. Teal'c eventually storms his pyramid and kills him in single combat.
*Aron (played by Christopher Judge's younger brother Jeff Judge) A Jaffa warrior previously in service of the Goa'uld Moloc who meets with Ishta and Teal'c's resistance movement on the new Hak'tyl homeworld in "Sacrifices". Aron's insistence that an attack on Moloc cannot wait at first concerns Teal'c that Aron could be a traitor, but Aron proves his loyalty when Teal'c is captured by Moloc's Jaffa. Aron later joins Teal'c in successfully defending Dakara from both Replicator forces and Ba'al's fleet in "Reckoning".
*Artok (played by Link Baker) Rebel Jaffa killed by an Ashrak in "Allegiance".
*Birra (played by Eileen Barrett) Resident of Kallana killed when her people reject Origin in "Beachhead".
*Bo'rel (played by Richard Whiten) Free Jaffa in command of a strike force to commandeer an Ori mothership in "Counterstrike". He is opposed to Earth intervention in Jaffa affairs, but eventually cooperates with SG-1 in fighting against Adria. Bo'rel is killed in a desperate attempt by the Jaffa leadership to use the Dakara superweapon against Adria's mothership.
*Cha'ra (played by Noah Danby) First Prime to the Goa'uld Moloc. He aids in the torture of Ishta and holds her hostage in sgcite|Sacrifices. After Moloc's death, Cha'ra joins the Jaffa Rebellion. He supports Teal'c's bid to confront Gerak militarily over converting to Origin in sgcite|The Fourth Horseman. Cha'ra commands the Ha'tak that discovers the Ori Supergate in sgcite|Camelot. He survives the ensuing battle, and in sgcite|Bounty, he meets with Teal'c concerning the new Jaffa democratic government and assists him in defeating a bounty hunter attempting to claim a Lucian Alliance reward on Teal'c's head.
*Cor'ak (played by Steve Lawlor) Rebel Jaffa allied with Ishta, from "Sacrifices".
*Del'nor Rak'nor's father, mentioned in "The Serpent's Venom".
*Dol'ok (played by Martin Sims) Rebel Jaffa in Anubis' ranks, killed by Jaffa still loyal to their master in "The Other Guys".
*Emta (played by Elizabeth Weinstein) Member of the Hak'tyl in "Birthright".
*Fro'tak (played by Peter Bryant) Teal'c's friend and a Jaffa of high standing, who married Drey'auc after Teal'c's defection to the Tau'ri. In "Family", he helps SG-1 rescue Ry'ac from Apophis, but betrays them after hearing Drey'auc profess her continued devotion to Teal'c. He is killed by Jack O'Neill before he can expose them.
*Gar'tok Supervisor of humans meant to infiltrate Stargate Command in "Rules of Engagement".
*Ginra (played by Elizabeth Weinstein) Member of the Hak'tyl in "Birthright".
*Hak'nor Member of the Jaffa resistance, mentioned in "The Serpent's Venom".
* Jolan (played by Jason George) A Sodan warrior. Believing his brother Volnek to have been killed in an ambush on SG-1 in "Babylon", Jolan brings the captured Mitchell back to the Sodan village and forces him to take part in a fight to the death as retribution for spilling Sodan blood. The visit of a Prior however changes his plans. Jolan is killed by his own brother in "Arthur's Mantle".
*Jumar (played by Eli Gabay) Stabbed to death by Apophis in his attempt to escape Sokar's mothership in "Jolinar's Memories".
*Kar'yn (played by Mercedes de la Zerda) Member of the Hak'tyl and a student of Ishta, from "Sacrifices". She is the "simka" (betrothed) of Ry'ac, and despite some premarital troubles the two are wed in Stargate Command by Master Bra'tac.
*Latal (played by Donald Adams) Speaker for the people of Kallana, killed by a Prior for rejecting Origin in "Beachhead".
*Ma'kar (played by Art Kitching) Works with Rak'nor in "The Serpent's Venom" to lure Teal'c into a trap.
*Mala (played by Christine Adams) Member of the Hak'tyl in "Birthright". She is one of four Hak'tyl who volunteer to test tretonin as a replacement for symbiotes. Mala's body however rejects the tretonin, and Dr. Frasier's attempt to reintroduce her symbiote triggers a fatal reaction.
*Maz'rai (played by Dakin Matthews) An old friend of Bra'tac and staunch supporter of the Progressive faction in the Free Jaffa Nation, who introduced many democratic-minded reforms. In "Stronghold", he abruptly reverses his position due to Ba'al's brainwashing. Maz'rai realizes this after being confronted by Bra'tac, and dies attempting to perform the perilous Rite of M'al Sharran to free himself.
*Moac (played by Aaron Douglas) Bra'tac's apprentice, killed in Apophis' attack on Chulak in "Maternal Instinct".
*M'Zel (played by Mark Gibbon) A leader in the Jaffa Resistance formerly in the service of Heru-ur and later absorbed into Apophis's army after Heru'ur's death. He makes his first appearance in "Death Knell" where he is brought to the SGC to answer General Hammond regarding the compromise of the Earth's second Alpha Site after an attack by Anubis's forces. M'zel eventually leads the Jaffa in withdrawing from the Alpha Site and the alliance with Earth. M'Zel dies in "Endgame" when the Trust begin attacking several Goa'uld planets with the symbiote poison.
*Neith (played by Kathleen Duborg) A member of the Hak'tyl and the older sister of Nesa, seen in "Birthright". Neith killed her father to save Nesa and is fiercely protective of her. She opposes Ishta's initiative to test tretonin for use by the Hak'tyl, and eventually challenges her for leadership.
*Nesa (played by Kirsten Prout) Neith's younger sister, who was saved from sacrifice by the Hak'tyl. In "Birthright", she is approaching the Age of Prata, when she must take a symbiote. However, she expresses the wish to take tretonin instead, not wanting to be responsible for the death of another Jaffa.
*Nictal (played by Nikki Smook) Member of the Hak'tyl in "Birthright".
*Ronac (played by Sean Millington) Teal'c's father and former First Prime of Cronus, seen via flashback in "Fair Game". He is executed by his master after losing an unwinnable battle by having his symbiote crushed.
*Ronan (played by Marc Worden) A rebel Jaffa who volunteers his cargo ship for SG-1's mission to Proclarush Taonas in "Lost City, Part I". However, he is in fact working for Anubis, and stabs Bra'tac while the others are down on the planet. Ronan miscalculated though, as he thought Bra'tac still possessed a symbiote, and so Bra'tac kills him with his own knife.
*Ryk'l (played by Nigel Vonas) Rebel Jaffa killed by Moloc's Imperial Guard in "Birthright".
*Ryn'tak (played by Michael Tiernan) One of Heru'ur's Jaffa, who participates in the occupatin of Cimmeria in "Thor's Chariot". He is ordered to search for Sha're on Abydos in "Secrets"
* Shak'l (played by Michasha Armstrong). A Jaffa trainee under the command of Teal'c while he was still First Prime of Apophis, Shak'l guards Apophis during his hunt for the creature known as the "fenri" on the Nox homeworld in "The Nox". Shak'l is killed by SG-1 during an ambush on Apophis, but the Nox revive him. Teal'c attempts to convince Shak'l that the Goa'uld are false gods, but Shak'l instead rejoins Apophis' strike team. During an encounter with SG-1 on Carthago in "Cor-ai" several months later, Shak'l plans to kill Teal'c to assure his new place as Apophis' First Prime, but Teal'c kills him with a stab in his symbiote pouch.
*Se'tak (played by David Andrews) The leader of the Free Jaffa Nation after Gerak. In "Counterstrike", he orders the use of the Dakara superweapon against the Ori regardless of the collateral human cost. He is killed when Adria's mothership bombards Dakara from orbit.
*Shaq'rel (played by Aleks Paunovic) Rebel Jaffa who accompanies Teal'c, Rya'c and Bra'tac to the planet Bra'tac believed to be the launching point of an attack against Earth. "Redemption, Part I"
*Shau'nac (played by Musetta Vander) A priestess formerly serving Apophis, and a close friend of Teal'c. In "Crossroads", she defects to Teal'c with the belief that she has communicated with her infant symbiote and convinced it to renounce evil. She is taken in by the Tok'ra, who implant her symbiote Tanith into a human host. However, Tanith then murders Shau'nac for betraying her god.
*Sindar (played by Bill Croft) One of Cronus' Jaffa, killed by SG-1 and their robotic duplicates in "Double Jeopardy".
*Syn'ac (played by unknown actress) Girl save from Moloc by the Hak'tyl, from "Birthright".
*Tass'an (played by Darcy Laurie) Sole survivor of a Jaffa community on Sartorus, wiped out by a Prior for rejecting Origin in "Babylon".
*Til'vak (played by Yan Feldman) Brainwashed Jaffa in service of Ba'al in "Stronghold".
*Tolok (played by Isaac Hayes) A leader amongst the Jaffa Rebellion, who meets with other rebel leaders in "Reckoning". He expresses his reservations about Teal'c's proposal to attack Dakara, citing that it would risk their entire movement on a single mission. Teal'c is able to convince him to support the attack.
*Trelak (played by Wayne Brady) The First Prime of the System Lord Ares, seen in "It's Good to Be King". He is sent ahead of his master to subjugate the planet that is to be Ares' hiding place from Ba'al. However, the planet's inhabitants, under Harry Maybourne, rise up against him and his Jaffa with the help of SG-1, and Trelak is killed by Teal'c.
*U'kin (played by Don Thompson) A Free Jaffa Progressive who supports introducting democracy to the Jaffa. In "Stronghold", he reverses his stance after being brainwashed by Ba'al. Bra'tac realizes this and pushes U'kin to tell him where Teal'c had been taken.
*Va'lar (played by David Lovgren) One of Apophis' Jaffa and comrade of Teal'c, seen in flashback in "Threshold". Apophis orders Teal'c to execute Va'lar for retreating from a battle, but instead Teal'c releases him. The fact that Apophis does not realize this proves to Teal'c that he is not an omniscient god. Teal'c is later forced to destroy the village where Va'lar had taken shelter, to keep Apophis from knowing of his treachery.
*Vi'tak (played by Michael Sunczyk) Brainwashed Jaffa in service of Ba'al in "Stronghold".
* Volnek (played by Jarvis George). A Sodan Jaffa warrior who is severely wounded after attacking Cameron Mitchell in "Babylon". He is brought to Earth where, after the death of his symbiote, he is sustained with tretonin. As the Sodan begin worshipping the Ori after a Prior visited the Sodan homeworld, Volnek is allowed to return to P9G-844 in exchange for the captured Mitchell. Believing the Prior on his planet to be a negative presence to the Sodan, Volnek hopes to spark a rebellion alongside his brother Jolan. Several weeks later in "Arthur's Mantle", a Prior transforms Volnek into an undead being, setting him on a murder spree against his fellow Sodan until Teal'c and Mitchell can kill him.


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