Transit may refer to:


* Transit (film), a 2006 film about Russian and American pilots in World War II
* Transit (Sponge Cola album), an album by Sponge Cola
* Transit (Staying-Alive film), a film produced by MTV and Staying-Alive about 4 people in different countries in the world.


* Astronomical transit, when one celestial body appears to move across the face of another celestial body, as seen by an observer at some particular vantage point
* Ford Transit, a van made by the Ford Motor Company
* Mass transit, transportation systems in which the passengers do not travel in their own vehicles
* Navigational transit, when a navigator observes two fixed reference points in line
* Transit (ship), the name given to three sailing vessels designed and built to the order of Captain Richard Hall Gower
* A specialized type of Theodolite used in surveying.
* Transit New Zealand, a crown entity responsible for the New Zealand national state highway network.

Other uses

* Transit, Canadian shoe retailer now operating under the name Spring
* Astrological transit, are the comparison and evaluation of planets in their current position in relation to those on a Natal Chart.
* "Transit", a 1992 novel by Ben Aaronovitch based on the TV series "Doctor Who"
* Transit (satellite), the first satellite navigation system to be used operationally
* Internet transit, one of the two mechanisms by which Internet traffic is exchanged between internet service providers
* Routing transit number, an identifying code used in transference of funds through banking institutions

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  • Transit — Trans it, n. [L. transitus, from transire to go over: cf. F. transit. See {Transient}.] 1. The act of passing; passage through or over. [1913 Webster] In France you are now . . . in the transit from one form of government to another. Burke. [1913 …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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