Shenyang Military Region

Shenyang Military Region

The Shenyang Military Region is one of seven military regions for the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It has command and control of military and armed police forces in the three northeast provinces of Jilin, Heilongjiang, and Liaoning, which also form Military Districts. The Shenyang Military Region has been left with unchanged boundaries since the late 1960s. It is bordered internally by the Beijing Military Region to the west.

The Shenyang Region adjoins the Russian Far East Military District, which now numbers some 76,000 personnel. [IISS Military Balance 2007] However there is a military limitation treaty and information disclosure agreement in place between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies lists the formation with an estimated 250,000 personnel, three group armies, and two armoured, one mechanised, four motorised, and one artillery division. [International Institute for Strategic Studies, The Military Balance 2006, p.266] It also lists two armoured, five motorised, three artillery, four anti-aircraft and one anti-tank brigades with the formation.

Known formations and units include the 16th Group Army, with three divisions, including an armoured division, in Jilin, the 23rd Group Army headquartered at Harbin, and the 39th Group Army in Liaoning.

= Current Officers [, p. 25.] =

* Zhang Youxia (Commander), since October 2007: Liu Yahong (Deputy Commander) since April 2004: Shi Xiangyuan (Deputy Commander) since December 2006: Song Caiwen (Deputy Commander) since December 2005: Zhou Liaqiang (Deputy Commander) since July 2004:: Hou Shusen (Chief-of-Staff) Since December 2005

* Huang Xianzhong (Political Officer), since December 2005: Pan Ruiji (Deputy Political Commissar ) since August 2005: Zhang Tiejian (Deputy Political Commissar ) since August 2001:: Wang Hongyao (Political Department Director) Since January 2008

References and Sources

*Chapter 8, PLA Ground Forces, by Dennis J Blasko, in The People's Liberation Army as Organisation, RAND, CF182

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