Stipe (botany)

Stipe (botany)

In botany, a stipe is a supportive structure that may be the stem-like part of the thallus of a seaweed or a true leaf stem, as in ferns.

In the case of ferns, the stipe is only the petiole (or stem) from the rootstock to the beginning of the leaf tissue, or lamina. The continuation of the structure within the lamina is then termed a rachis.

This structure is particularly common in brown algae such as kelp.

A stipe is also the stalk-like support of a pistil.(?)

In orchids, the stipe or caudicle is the stalk-like support of the pollinia. It is a non-viscid band or strap connecting the pollinia with the viscidium (the viscid part of the rostellum or beak).

A stipe is also the stalk supporting the fruiting body of some fungi.

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