Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is the process of making a product by adding layers in a relatively efficient way, such that there is little waste or reduction of materials. Two examples are inkjet printing and aerosol jet printing of electronic circuits. In comparison to photolithography where the manufacturer must remove much of the material that is deposited to create a given layer of the product, inkjet and aerosol jet printing only use material where it is needed with little or no waste.

Laser Processing

Laser based additive manufacturing is accomplished by directing a high power laser at a substrate to create a melt pool. Material is then added to the melt pool. The added material enlarges the melt pool and adds to the part. To create the desired geometry, the laser is rastered across the substrate while material is continuously added.

Aerosol Jet

Aerosol jetting consists of directing a focused stream of atomized particles towards a substrate. The high velocity of the stream causes the particles to impact on the substrate. Thermal post processing is usually required to sinter the particles together to adhere them to the substrate and/or make them conductive.

Ink Jet

Ink jet works by propelling individual small droplets of ink towards a substrate. The ink is forced through a small orifice by a variety of means including pressure, heat, and vibration. The liquid droplets impact the substrate and wet. To be used for additive manufacturing, the liquid droplets must contain nanoparticle material.

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* [ Optomec] Macro and micro scale additive manufacturing systems.

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