Solicitor General for Scotland

Solicitor General for Scotland

Her Majesty's Solicitor General for Scotland ("Àrd-neach-lagha a' Chrùin an Alba") is one of the Law Officers of the Crown, and the deputy of the Lord Advocate, whose duty is to advise the Crown and the Scottish Government on Scots Law. They are also responsible for the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service which together constitute the Criminal Prosecution Service in Scotland.

Until 1999, when the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Executive were created, the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General for Scotland advised the United Kingdom Government. Since their transfer to the Scottish Government, the United Kingdom Government has been advised on Scots Law by the Advocate General for Scotland.

List of Solicitors General for Scotland

List from 1696. Until 1764, the office was at times held jointly.


*1696-1700: Sir Patrick Hume
*1701-1706: Sir David Dalrymple of Hailes
*1701-1709: William Carmichael


*1709-1714: Thomas Kennedy
*1709-1714: Sir James Steuart, Bt.
*1714-1716: John Carnegie of Boyseck
*1714-1717: Sir James Steuart, Bt.
*1717-1720: Robert Dundas
*1720-1721: Walter Stewart (solicitor)
*1721-1733: John Sinclair
*1721-1725: Charles Binning
*1725-1737: Charles Erskine
*1737-1742: William Grant of Prestongrange
*1742-1746: Robert Dundas
*1746-1755: Patrick Haldane of Gleneagles
*1746-1755: Alexander Hume
*1755-1759: Andrew Pringle of Alemore
*1759-1760: Thomas Miller
*1760-1764: James Montgomery
*1760-1764: Frances Garden
*1764-1766: James Montgomery
*1766-1775: Henry Dundas
*1775-1783: Alexander Murray
*1783-1783: Ilay Campbell of Succoth
*1783-1784: Alexander Wight
*1784: Robert Dundas
*1789: Robert Blair
*1806: John Clerk
*1807: David Boyle
*1811: David Monypenny
*1813: Alexander Maconochie
*1816: James Wedderburn
*1822: John Hope
*1830: Henry Cockburn
*1834: Andrew Skene
*1834: Duncan McNeill
*1835: John Cunninghame
*1837: Andrew Rutherfurd
*1839: James Ivory
*1840: Thomas Maitland
*1841: Duncan McNeill
*1842: Adam Anderson
*1846: Thomas Maitland
*1850: James Moncreiff
*1851: John Cowan
*1851: George Deas
*1852: John Inglis
*1852: Charles Neaves
*1853: Robert Handyside
*1853: James Craufurd
*1855: Thomas Mackenzie
*1855: Edward Francis Maitland
*1858: Charles Baillie
*1858: David Mure
*1859: George Patton
*1859: Edward Francis Maitland
*1862: George Young
*1866: Edward Strathearn Gordon
*1867: John Millar
*1868: George Young
*1869: Andrew Rutherfurd-Clark
*1874: John Millar
*1874: William Watson
*1876: John Hay Athole Macdonald
*1880: John Blair Balfour
*1881: Alexander Asher
*1885: James Patrick Bannerman Robertson
*1886: Alexander Asher
*1886: James Patrick Bannerman Robertson
*1888: Moir Tod Stormonth Darling
*1890: Sir Charles Pearson
*1891: Andrew Graham Murray
*1892: Alexander Asher
*1894: Thomas Shaw
*1895: Andrew Graham Murray
*1896: Charles Scott Dickson
*1903: David Dundas
*1905: Edward Theodore Salvesen
*1905: James Avon Clyde
*1905: Alexander Ure
*1909: Arthur Dewar
*1910: William Hunter
*1911: Andrew Macbeth Anderson
*1913: Thomas Morison
*1920: Charles David Murray
*1922: Andrew Constable
*1922: William Watson
*1922: David Pinkerton Fleming
*1923: Frederick Charles Thomson
*1924: John Charles Fenton
*1924: David Pinkerton Fleming
*1926: Alexander Munro MacRobert
*1929: Wilfrid Guild Normand
*1929: John Charles Watson
*1931: Wilfrid Guild Normand
*1933: Douglas Jamieson
*1935: Thomas Mackay Cooper
*1935: Albert Russell
*1936: James Scott Cumberland Reid
*1941: Sir David King Murray
*1945: Daniel Patterson Blades
*1947: John Wheatley
*1947: Douglas Johnston
*1951: William Rankine Milligan
*1955: William Grant
*1960: David Anderson
*1964: Norman Wylie (April to October)
*1964: James Graham Leechman
*1965: Henry Stephen Wilson
*1967: Ewan George Francis Stewart
*1970: David William Robert Brand
*1972: William Ian Stewart
*1974: John McCluskey
*1979: Nicholas Fairbairn
*1982: Peter Fraser, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie
*1989: Alan Rodger
*1992: Thomas Dawson
*1995: Donald Mackay, Lord Mackay of Drumadoon
*1995: Paul Cullen
*1997: Colin Boyd
*2000: Neil Davidson
*2001: Elish Angiolini
*2006: John Beckett
*2007: Frank Mulholland QC


*The above list is taken from Haydn's "Book of Dignities", 12th edition (1894, reprinted 1969) and from Oxford Companion to Law, Clarendon Press, 1980.

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