Rod may mean:
*Rod (geometry), a straight and slender stick; a wand; a cylinder; hence, any slender bar
*Rod cell, a cell found in the retina that is sensitive to light/dark (black/white)
*Rod (length), an Imperial unit of length, also known as the "pole" or "perch"
*Rod (cryptozoology), observational artifacts produced by rapidly flying animals
*Rod (god), a Slavic god
*Rods (Tarot Suit)
*Railway Operating Division
*Fishing rod
*Lightning rod
*Connecting rod, in an internal combustion engine
*Divining rod, two rods believed by some to find water in a practice known as dowsing
*Birch rod, made out of twigs from birch or other trees for corporal punishment
*Switch (rod), a piece of wood as used as a staff or for corporal punishment, or a bundle of such switches
*Ring of Death, a common malfunction of the Xbox 360

Rod may also be:
*Eubacterium with the shape of a rod; a bacillus in the loose sense
*Penis (slang)
*Gun (slang)

People with the given name Rod

Often as an abbreviation of such names as Roderick and Rodney:

*Rod Stewart, rock musician
*Rod Laver (born 1938), Australian former tennis player
*Rod Steiger (1925–2002), American actor
*Rod Flanders, a fictional character on "The Simpsons"
*Rod From Avenue Q, a character in the stage musical Avenue Q
*Rod Serling, Creator of the 1960's show "The Twilight Zone"
*Rod Quantock, Australian stand-up comedian
*Rod Roddy, Game show announcer, best known for The Price is Right
*Darren Hampton, Tesco Meir Park

People with the surname Rod

*Edouard Rod, French-Swiss novelist, 1857-1910
*Johnny Rod, American bass guitar player

ee also

*Hot rod, often also referred to as 'rod'
*Rood, an old English unit equal to quarter an acre
*Stick, any long object
*Structural steel
*R.O.D., an acronym for the Read or Die anime

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