BPL may mean:

* Bank Pool Loan, a type of loan.
* Barclays Premier League, professional league competition for football (soccer) clubs in England.
* Broadband over Power Lines, the use of electrical power lines for telecommunications
* BPL group, an Indian electronics conglomerate
* Beginners Programming Language, a programming language designed for simplicity.
* Boston Public Library, in Boston, Massachusetts
* Brooklyn Public Library, in Brooklyn, New York
* Berkeley Public Library, in Berkeley, California.
* Borland Package Library, used with the Delphi programming language
* BPL (complexity), the complexity class of problems solvable with bounded-error randomized algorithms in logarithmic space
* Brass Pounders League, a term for Morse code operators that comes from the use of brass Telegraph keys
* Below the poverty line, a term for levels of income below the Poverty threshold
* Burnaby Public Library, a public library located in Burnaby, British Columbia
* Basic perturbation lemma, used in computer science and algebra
* Brisbane Premier League, a football (soccer) competition in Brisbane, Australia.
* Blackpool, Lancashire abbreviation.

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