Fantasy auto racing

Fantasy auto racing

Fantasy auto racing is a type fantasy sports game based on motor sports. Players, also known as fantasy team owners, select a roster of drivers to earn points according to actual race results. Player scores, as determined by their drivers' actual racing results, are sorted within a league of players to determine weekly, periodic and championship winners. Games can be free or pay-to-play with cash or merchandise as prizes.

Inspired by the popularity of Fantasy football, American fantasy auto racing games began in the late 1980s but didn't become popular until the advent of the internet. Games are usually based on activities and race results from the most popular, broadcast-live forms of motor sports like Formula One, NASCAR, Indy Racing League, Daytona Prototype and the American Le Mans Series racing. Fantasy auto racing games can be run season-long, from Winter Speed Weeks at Daytona through the last major race weekend of the season, or they are segmented to award quarterly prizes and attract new players throughout the year.

Fantasy racing rules, formats and point systems vary widely. Most American games follow NASCAR racing and award driver points based on the official NASCAR points system. To reduce the likelihood of ties, game rules can restrict driver starts according to criteria based on salary caps, driver rankings or frequency of selection. Games that follow one specific series combine driver or roster salary caps with a point system based on predictions for driver pit strategy, advancement or retreat from starting position, fastest lap or qualifying performance. Some games let players predict the finish positions of select drivers with points determined by the accuracy of the selection. Other games follow the results of all the top stock car racing, open wheel racing and sports car racing series and require players to pick at least one driver from each race per weekend in filling out a seven driver roster.

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