Bastion (disambiguation)

Bastion (disambiguation)

Bastion can refer to:

:Main use:
*A bastion, a fortification work projecting outward from the main enclosure of a fortification.:Other uses:
* Bastion (Nanaimo, British Columbia), an historic octagonal fort built in the early 1850s by the Hudson's Bay Company
*A bastion (naval), a heavily-defended area of water in which friendly naval forces can operate safely.
*9M117 Bastion, an anti-tank missile.
*Bastion (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain.
* Bastion, a planet in List of Star Wars planets (A-B)#Bastion, the Imperial Remnant homeworld in the "Star Wars" extended universe.
*Bastion Misawa, a fictional duelist.
*Bastion host, a special purpose computer on a network specifically designed and configured to withstand attack.
*Bastion (band), a music group from the Republic of Macedonia.
* Bastion, a capital ship in the computer game Descent Freespace

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