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meaning = Italian form of John, derived from the Hebrew Yohanan ("God is gracious", "God is merciful")
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Gianni is a male Italian name (occasionally a surname), derived from the Hebrew Yohanan ("God is gracious", "God is merciful")


Gianni is abbreviation of Giovanni, Italian form of John, and is also related to Gian (in the Middle Ages Ianni or Janni). Jean is the equivalent name in French. Johannes, Hannes, Hanns, Hans, and Johann are all possible variants in German. Johannes is also used in Finnish. János is Hungarian and Ion Romanian. In Czech, Jan, Honza, Honzík, Jeník, and Jenda are used. In Ethiopian, the term Zan, corresponding to title of sovereignty, seems related to Gianni.
Name-day is June 24 (John the Baptist), in association with Lion, lucky number 5, color yellow, stone topaz, metal gold.

In ancient times, the name Gianni was used to call babies born after many years since marriage. For its religious meaning, it is the second name for diffusion in Italy. The name Gianni was not ranked among 1219 first names for males of all ages in the 1990 U.S. Census. The name Gianni ranked 24641 out of 88799 (top 28%) as a surname for males and females of all ages in the 1990 U.S. Census.

People with this name

* Gianni Agnelli (industrialist)
* Gianni Alemanno [] (politician)
* Gianni Alfani [] (poet)
* Gianni Amelio (film director)
* Gianni Antonaccio (wanna be rock star from Hanover, PA)
* Gianni Argurio [] (poet)
* Gianni Baget Bozzo (Roman Catholic priest and political expert)
* Gianni Bella [] (musician)
* Gianni Bernardini [] (writer)
* Gianni Boncompagni [] (TV producer)
* Gianni Brera (journalist)
* Gianni Bugno (cyclist)
* Gianni Chen (banana eating expert)
* Gianni Coletti [] (musician)
* Gianni Danzi [] (Roman Catholic bishop)
* Gianni Davito (high jumper)
* Gianni De Gennaro [] (policeman)
* Gianni De Fraja (economics professor)
* Gianni De Martino [] (writer)
* Gianni De Michelis (politician)
* Gianni Fabbrini [] (musician)
* Gianni Farinetti [] (writer)
* Gianni Fochi [] (scientist)
* Gianni Gavioli [] (writer)
* Gianni Ghidini (cyclist)
* Gianni Golfera [] (memory trainer)
* Gianni Guelfi [] (blogger)
* Gianni Ippoliti [] (TV showman)
* Gianni Letta (politician)
* Gianni Marazzi [] (artist)
* Gianni Minà [à] (journalist)
* Gianni Morandi (singer)
* Gianni Morbidelli (Formula One driver)
* Gianni Motta (cyclist)
* Gianni Mura [] (journalist)
* Gianni Nazzaro [] (singer)
* Gianni Piu [] writer
* Gianni Riotta [] (journalist)
* Gianni Rivera (football player)
* Gianni Rodari (writer)
* Gianni Romme (skater)
* Gianni Russo (actor)
* Gianni Togni [] (singer)
* Gianni Vattimo (philosopher)
* Gianni Versace (fashion designer)
* Gianni Vignaduzzi (track cyclist)
* Gianni Zuiverloon (footballer)
* Michael Gianni Wong(A economics teacher at Beacon College)

People with this surname

* Alfonso Gianni [] (politician)
* Ettore Gianni [] (artist)
* Gary Gianni [] (artist)
* Giuseppe Gianni [] (artist)
* Pippo Gianni [] (politician)

ee also

* Gianni di Parigi (opera)
* Gianni e Pinotto contro l'uomo invisibile ['uomo_invisibile] (movie)
* Gianni Schicchi (opera)
* Prete Gianni [] (legend)
* Gianni Peluso [] (Legendary)

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