Fishing tackle

Fishing tackle

Fishing tackle, also called fishing gear, is a general term that refers to the equipment used by fishermen while fishing.

Almost any equipment or gear used for fishing can be called fishing tackle. Some examples are lures, bait, lines, rods, reels, nets and trawls, downriggers, outriggers, gaffs, harpoons, clevises, floats, and traps.

Gear that is attached to the end of a fishing line, such as hooks, leaders, swivels, sinkers and snaps, is called terminal tackle.

Examples of leading fishing tackle brands in the UK and Europe include [ Shimano] , [ Middy] , [ Fox] , [ Preston] , [ Svendsen] , [ Daiwa] and [ Okuma]


The term "tackle" has the following etymology:

tackle (n.)

c.1250, "apparatus, gear," from M.Du. or M.L.G. takel "the rigging of a ship," perhaps related to M.Du. taken "grasp, seize" (see take), or perhaps from root of tack (1). Meaning "apparatus for fishing" is recorded from 1398. The noun meaning "act of tackling" in the sporting sense is recorded from 1876 (see tackle (v.)); as the name of a position in Amer. football, it is recorded from 1891. [ [ Tackle. (n.d.). Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved July 11, 2007, from website] ]

Hook, line and sinker

You need all 3 for "Tight line fishing". That is where you have a sinker on your line either sliding up and down ot attatched and a hook at the bottom. Bait is placed on the hook and when you get a bite the pole will make a movement.

The spear

The net




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