FPO (pronunciation: each letter is pronounced separately: /eff-pee-oh/) has various meanings:

*In military mail, FPO means fleet post office.
*In design and printing, FPO means for position only or for placement only. Blank placeholders or temporary low-resolution illustrations are labelled with the acronym FPO to indicate where the final version of an image is to be placed in the final file, film, or plate. FPO images are commonly used while the layout of a print project is being determined, and/or when desired images are still to be scanned or photographed. They preserve the pagination that will be needed once the final images are added.
*In compiler optimization, FPO is an acronym for Frame Pointer Omission, an optimization where frame pointers are omitted from the call stack.
*Fact|date=February 2008 In search engine optimization, FPO is short for front page optimization, the process of increasing the amount of visitor click through and reducing bounce rates. This process helps identify short- and long-term solutions in the areas of home page loading and rendering times, including auditing and W3C compliance checks plus more.
* IATA airport code (FPO) for the Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport, Bahamas
*In classical music, FPO is an acronym for the now defunct Florida Philharmonic Orchestra.
*In finance, FPO is an acronym for Fixed Production Overhead.

See also:
* Freedom Party of Austria, abbreviated FPÖ

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