Infobox Single
Name = Guarded

Artist = Disturbed
from Album = Ten Thousand Fists
Released = June 28, 2005 flagicon|United States
Format = CD
Recorded = 2005
Genre = Alternative metal, heavy metal
Length = 3:22
Label = Reprise
Producer = Johnny K
Last single= "Liberate"
This single= "Guarded"
Next single= "Stricken"

"Guarded" is a single by American rock band Disturbed from their third album "Ten Thousand Fists". The song was released in June 2005 as radio teaser, but it was not the band's first official single from the album. The song was featured in the "Saw III" soundtrack. The cover for the single has a font matching the font used on the cover on "The Sickness".


According to Disturbed frontman David Draiman: "About how choosing this way of life, this path that we are on, some more than others. Dan has a beautiful wife and child, Mike seems to be on his way, and me? Besides not being ready, I don't think it would be fair to the person I would be with. You force yourself to be guarded. The lyrics are me speaking to myself. I made this decision to lead this sort of life, and therefore I'm unfortunately deprived of certain things, like love in a true sense." [] ]


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